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I am originally from Pakistan, but have lived in the US for almost all of my adult life. My passion is traveling. During the past twenty-five years, I have taken over sixty trips and have traveled to over thirty countries. I have several travel and general videos in up to 5 different languages. By profession, I am an Environmental Engineer and work for the Government!

My late father, Maulana Arif Hussain (1905-1984), was a Mujtahid-e-Iraq, taught at Sultan-ul-Madaris of Lucknow, India, and was a principal of Sultan-ul-Madaris Oriental College, Khairpur Mirs, Pakistan. He wrote several books on the Middle-Eastern Islamic history.

I have two sons. My older son, Ali Raza Mehdi, graduated from NYU (New York University), with a major in Business Studies. Currently, he is working at the Wall Street and plans to go for PhD. My younger son, Asif Raza Mehdi works for the US Navy and is a student of Nuclear science.

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