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The first 5 minutes of history class are tough. Students have to shift their mindset from the previous subject they were just in to now studying the past. Teachers have basic procedural duties they have to attend to such as taking attendance, writing passes, getting materials together for class, catching up with that student that was absent, and the list goes on and on. The Daily Bellringer offers a simple solution through short 3-6 minute videos which teachers can use to get students thinking about the history topics to come or ones that were recently covered. Each video will offer details and history which teachers may not be able to get to in class. Below each video is a set of questions for students to answer as they watch the video. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SEVERAL COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS AND AT LEAST ONE CRITICAL THINKING QUESTION IN THE DESCRIPTION. Share the link with your students, have them pop in their earbuds and get class started right! MORE VIDEOS WILL BE ADDED WEEKLY!

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