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Gadgets are our Passion in German, English and sometimes even Hungarian. We visit Trade Shows around the World and test everything in real life conditions. CES, MWC, CeBIT, Computex, IFA and more.

Thank you Henning, David, Julian, Sebastian and others for helping out sometimes with Reviews.

Contact us through our website if you want to see your Tablet, Smartphone, Speaker or other Gadget here!

Also if you want us to review your Products just contact us right here. Always happy to check and compare all kinds of Gadgets. But don`t send anything without contacting, because we will not review your Product.

Staff in 2020:

Editor in Chief: Balázs Gál
Camera: Anna Dorottya Ketler
Editor: Schvets Zsolt
Reviewer & Editor: Kitti Papp
Editor: Henning Schütt

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