Welcome to PlaneSpottingBerlin!

My name is Patrick, I am 25 years old, and I am living in Berlin, Germany.

I am an avid aviation fan and therefore my personal goal is to try out as many airlines as possible – and of course, take you along on my flights.

I put a lot of dedication into each and every of my videos.
It always starts off with a lot of trip planning mostly happening in the background. On my flights I have a good time recording the material needed and meeting fellow aviation enthusiasts.
After that, the most time consuming part begins – the video editing. Again, I spend several hours on each video to provide the highest level of information possible and pass on as many details to fellow travellers and frequent flyers.

On my channel you find aviation videos from around the world including:

✈ Flight VLOGS
✈ Trip Reports/Flight Reviews
✈ and some Planespotting Videos

My goal is to present a new airline or aircraft type from my travels every week.

Welcome Onboard,

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