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How we work with Partners

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Program Benefits

Maximum Earnings

Get paid for each qualified user that signs up for ChannelSearch with your referral link. Your earning potential is significant. YouTubers are always eager to promoting their channel and getting new subscribers.  And Channel Search has the audience they need

Creative Support

Enhance your content by leveraging ChannelSearch and its thousands of channels already listed on the site.  Plus, we’ll help you do the work. We’ll provide you links, banners, and landing pages to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Personal Reach

You’ll get updates from your partner team about the most exciting Channel Search content. Your partner team will make sure you’re aware of all new releases.  

About Channel Search

We're the solution

With over 35 channel categories, potential viewers are sure to find all the channels they are looking.

We're Global

Channel Search is the largest channel search directory with over 20 languages and in 195 countries.

We're Affordable

Channel Search makes it easy for new viewers to find new and undiscoverable channels and also helps creators list their channels for a small fee.

We're Active

We work with channel creators on YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo to list and promote their channels, get more viewers, subscribers, and revenue.

ChannelSearch Pricing

Subscribers can choose the Premium monthly plan at $6.95/month. Or they can choose the Plus plan with more features at $19.95/month.

Commissions start at 20% with 90 days tracking.

Contact Us

If you would like to become a partner or have questions about becoming a partner, please reach out to 

[email protected]

For all other inquiries, please visit our FAQ page.