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I am a Serial Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor. Here on my channel, I go over multiple topics walking you through the process of how to Wholesale Real Estate from A-7 with no money required! I have owned and worked on multiple ventures and businesses in multiple industries so applying my knowledge to this was an easy step. Now it’s your turn to take the information I’ve gathered over time to apply it to your life. Because remember, you’re only ONE DEAL AWAY from changing your life for the better.


Financial Success is something we all strive for, and being an entrepreneur is something that a lot of us can relate to, but finding the niche that you want to work in is difficult. My channel features specific how-to videos regarding real estate, wholesaling real estate, and marketing yourself in general. Honing your entrepreneurial skills is something you can take into any industry and here is where you start. I show you the tools that I use, Tips, and tricks for success!

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