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Hey Creators,
In Jan 2018 I decided to put out Daily videos on this Channel to PAY INSPIRATION FORWARD not realising that we would be hitting millions of lives within the first few months, today.. you have all become a part of my life, my purpose, my family. On that note, I’d like to say THANK YOU!!
You see.. REWIND 10 years ago, I was the shy kid who lacked confidence and was totally lost with this thing that we call life.
Grateful to have had my Mentors and Masters who taught me along the way to bring out the best in me.
So FAST FORWARD to NOW.. here I am, just passing the message on and paying it forward.
If in this lifetime, I am able to just add one little piece of value, inspiration or even a smile to your life then my job is done.
Namaste to you all.. BIG LOVE!
Master Sri Akarshana

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