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Create a healthy home and you’ll get a jumpstart to living a healthier life! Get the best ideas for a natural home, green cleaning and simple living.

I’m a certified WELL AP, which means I help families and businesses create built environments that protect and promote wellness. My professional accreditation is through U.S. Green Building Council and International WELL Building Institute.

I had cancer at 3 years old, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities all before I was 30 years old. Focusing on cleaning up toxins where I lived definitely changed my life for the better and helped me heal!

Diet and exercise only go so far. The products and materials in your home can impact your health in both positive and negative ways.

I post new videos twice a week showing what to buy; how to detox your home; green cleaning recipes; the best natural and organic bedding; houseplants to get rid of toxins in your house; and decorating tips for wellness.

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