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George Benson.

As it suggests on my banner, Football, Travel and Lifestyle is my thing. Right now in 2019, i’ve decided to really take my workout and fitness routine seriously. I am currently in the process of documenting a Body Transformation seeing me go from being a self proclaimed Skinny Fat Guy, to Lean muscle over a 12 week period. My Body Transformation series is one of the main series currently on my channel, along with Vlogs in London as I am currently based here. Chelsea FC match Vlogs and Chelsea FC Reaction videos, along with Travel Videos and Travel story videos from my time living out of a bag over the past four years.

I am soon to be on the road again, leaving London in March 2019, to travel the world some more with my girlfriend, Tilda Linderholm!

Hope you enjoy what you see here. Good vibes all around.

Cheers, George

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