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FUNDOOR is a door for Fun, Happiness, Joy and entertainment. It will take you to the another world where only fun resides.
We plan, execute and present to you so many party games, team building games, icebreakers, one minute games etc.
The games are for everyone in the family Kids, Adults, Youth, Couples, Sr. Citizens etc.

Fundoor helps you to plan wonderful parties with friends and create beautiful memories. You can ask us anything. We will happily help you.

Our Team building activities, Icebreaker activities or exercises are commonly presented as a game to “warm up” the group. These are intended to help the members to know each other and form a team.
Corporate offices also plan in house events for their employees. These games can be played as team building or icebreaker activities also.

Try these in your next party ans let us know your feedback in comments section.


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