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Welcome to Food with Chetna!

I am Chetna, passionate cook, creative baker and author of 4 cookbooks.

This is my youtube channel where I will be sharing my delicious recipes & tips on all things cooking & baking. I have a great passion for food and flavours and this is my space to share my passion with everyone. I will be sharing loads of Indian food recipes as well as bakes and desserts. I love to play with flavours and combine traditional British/Western recipes with Indian Flavours.

There will be loads of easy recipes for quick dinners, healthy food, cheap to make recipes and desserts. I like to keep my recipes simple so that families can make them together. I will also be sharing lots of recipes from my mum who is an amazing cook as well as some fantastic collaborations.

So subscribe and keep watching for regular exciting ideas and videos. Also check out my website for more recipes and my blog.

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