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Welcome to the #1 channel on youtube for wholesaling and flipping real estate. With 600 videos, you’ll learn everything from wholesaling, fix & flip, flipping land, flipping new construction, even flipping notes and commercial. If you want to learn the best straight-forward, no-fluff, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow, step-by-step, how-to strategies and techniques to make more money in less time wholesaling and flipping real estate… so you can achieve true financial freedom and live your dream live… this channel is for you. Subscribe now!

Jerry started out in life working in construction digging holes for minimum wage in his mid 20’s. Then he discovered real estate and started wholesaling and flipping houses and became a millionaire by the age of 30. Today he’s the nation’s leading expert on wholesaling & flipping real estate and has helped his students flip over $100 million in real estate to date!

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