Frequently Asked Questions

Because we do not collect or sell our viewers data, there is No Need to Sign Up!
We try to make it easy for our viewers to just browse our site and find new channels without being compelled to sign up or give any personal information or email address.
We hope we can offer a free service, but because we are an ads-free site we have to charge a small monthly fee to post your video channels on ChannelSearch.
But Keep in mind that our fees are low starting at only $6.95/month and can cancel at any time.
Google and YouTube make it difficult for viewers to find great content even thought there are countless of small and wonderful channels that have great videos but can’t afford to compete with large corporations on Google and YouTube.
Even organic search results have been taken over by large companies, corporations and huge news sites that spend thousands of dollars for professional search engine optimization. We have so many small channels and new youtubers that can't spend hundreds of dollars to broadcast their new channel but have amazing content.
We accept:
Stripe credit card processing and PayPal.
Get started in 4 easy steps:
1. Click Submit Channel on the top right corner of the page
2. Choose the plan that's right for you.
3. Fill out your channel information in one simple page
4. Click Complete and your Done.