YouTube Content Marketing Strategy [ 3 Effective Tactics]

People are interacting with videos more than any other type of content, so you must have a well-defined and clear content marketing strategy to excel your competitors.

And this is the point where many people get into trouble,

You may have heard a lot about keeping your content interesting and captivating to keep the people watching. But very few marketing professionals know how to create and market video content for the greatest impact.

It all starts from bringing structure to your content and working on an effective digital marketing strategy to powerfully approach the target audience.

Let’s see how you can create brand awareness with “valuable” video content that your viewers will watch through YouTube.

Hub Help Hero Model

One thing common in all successful brands is that they create content with the right objective, and market this content through the right channels.

And this is all you need for your content marketing.

Here we are going to discuss the 3-Step Model known as a Hub Help Hero model. Let’s break each element down.

1. Help Content

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This type of content entirely focuses on the needs of your target audience, so it provides the answers to the things that your target audience is actively searching for. It does not mean that you have to cover anything, just be confined to your niche and keep on adding the solutions to the problems of the people.

Still, confused?

Help content covers how-to videos, product tutorials, customer service, or any other useful content related to your brand and business. When it comes to “help” content, being 100{6fcd7dd643c23215fc402ed41ee0c07752cd716fd29b253fa11de6259b7d1f5c} loyal is the key, thus your purpose should solely be to educate the people, solve their problems, and avoid any self-promotion. It not only helps you to get ranked easily but also builds up a loyal follower and subscriber base.

Hence, it is all about finding what kind of videos can serve as daily bread and butter content. But do not forget to use a strong call to action at the end of your videos.

You can use phrases such as;

“Hit Subscribe, press Bell Icon, so you will not miss any video from us”

“ Subscribe to our channel, and do not miss notifications – There is something new for you in the next video”.

And many more!

Get started and give expert insight into your audience by focusing on their pain points.

2. Hub Content


You certainly have some existing customers and returning clients that have all the basic information about your brand. In other words, they have crossed the awareness stage and are waiting for something unique that is published less frequently.

Such an audience is not only in search of something new but also more appealing than the previous content.

It is particularly important when you want to retain your followers and keep on giving them a fresh perspective based on their passion and taste.

There are two ways to create hub content.

  • One way is to make new and innovative videos while retaining the topic.
  • The other way is to create the series and add the element of suspense. Episode videos are the most like and shared part of hub content.

Now you can understand that hub content is not only for engagement but also for retention.

What about creating exciting and innovative hub content as your next step?

Well, you should give it a try as there is a lot of competition in the market, and you can excel if you have the seamless collaboration of your followers.

Another important aspect is that if you have not been uploading the hub content for a long time, your existing customers and prime prospects may lose interest. As a result, your exposure will not be retained and you can miss a lot.

To make a long story short,

If you have not considered the creation of hub content till now, it is worth exploring, useful, and creative way to communicate with your core audience.

3. Hero Content

content marketing

Last, but not least, hero content is your go-to big content. If you want to attract a broad, large audience and bring invariably more budget, Hero Content is the best option to give your business a notable boost.

A well polished and professionally produced hero content can give you the biggest edge over your competitors.

You might be wondering;

What is included in the Hero content?

Let’s unveil the curtain,

It could mean

  • Live-streamed event
  • Cross-promotion with an influential figure
  • Self-promotion
  • made-for-YouTube ads
  • A viral video

And it also includes everything that revolves around special days and cultural or religious events such as Christmas Specials, etc.

The most important part?

It must cover a strong call to action that focuses on creating the biggest impact ever.

And this is not confined to YouTube only, you should use all the social media channels as well as other email and behavioral marketing tactics for content marketing of your content.

The exciting part is that the most liked and loved hero content is the use of an emotionally-driven strategy. It involves heart-touching storytelling to evoke strong emotions and create responses among the potential audience.

The biggest reason for the effectiveness of the emotional hero content marketing strategy is its memorability. People do not forget the stories that appeal to their hearts, and thus it is the most powerful technique to reinforce positive brand identity in the viewers.

The pro tip?

Let your audience participate, so they will advocate further and do loyal content marketing for you.

The perfect example of hero content is TV ads and commercials, where you must have noticed the emotional and promotional elements at the peaks at the same time.

It’s Time To Adopt The Hub Help Hero Approach

Do you know this three-tiered approach has the power to put you on the right track and make your content marketing journey successful? It is due to this reason the trend is getting immense popularity among marketers and they are structuring their content strategy using Hub Help Hero Approach.

What is keeping you behind?

Adopt this YouTube content marketing strategy and drive more interest and exposure to your brand.