What Do You Need To Know About Instagram?

As we know that Instagram is a new and modern social media platform that was introduced in October 2010. With an exceptional ability to transform videos and images, it has the remarkable ability to capture the attention of a large audience.

It helps you to prepare the content in such an enticing way that it becomes shareable to the world.

The best part?

You can achieve brand recognition and loyalty at no extra cost as you can get authentic peer-to-peer endorsements. As a result, you can drive more sales to your sales funnel with the power of Instagram marketing.

It is a fact that it has turned out to be an extremely powerful platform to touch the hearts of the people. Due to this reason, it is often dubbed as, “The World’s Most Powerful Selling Tool”, as most of the users are young, enthusiastic, and always ready to buy the new products.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you to know more about Instagram and how it can help you to promote your brand.

1.    Go Through The “Culture Of Instagram”What Do You Need To Know About Instagram?

The definition of Instagram Culture can change over time, but for now, almost all the users of Instagram proudly share their photos and this is the reason behind the uniqueness of this app over any other social media platforms.

With the beautiful mantra of Instagram’s “Find Beauty Everywhere”, energetic people are always passionate about uploading selfies and designed images. The interesting part is they get a lot of wonderful comments and overall likes such as:

“Who these guys post great stuff; I am sticking around for more”

“I love the selfies posted by this guy, You deserve a lot of love”

And much more!

Culture Of Instagram For Business

When it comes to businesses, Instagram gives the business a chance to share with the world what they present by making the use of imagery in the videos and images. Businesses can express their ideas more deeply than the common perception, and as if the people are experiencing everything on their own.

This brings up the question:

How the use of visual imagery is different on Instagram as compared to other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook?”

Good question!

Basically, visual imagery for other social media platforms is often more ad-hoc and formal. On the other hand, Instagram demands you to be more professional, arty, and special. On Instagram, you capture the essence of the brand and use the power of visual storytelling to entice the viewers.

Understanding the Instagram culture will help you to use it more effectively as you will be able to post your images and videos in a more imaginative style.

The core of the matter is to cope up with the attitude and preferences of the app’s majority audience.

2:Understanding The Elements Of Top-quality Instagram ImageWhat Do You Need To Know About Instagram?

If you are just going to start on Instagram by posting an old photo, it will not work. You must be much more intensive and up-to-date to grab the attention of the savvy audience.

A close look at the Instagram ads’ recommendations will give you the idea of what kind of images are suitable for this platform.

Want to get the most out of your Instagram profile? If yes, don’t miss out on the below points :

  • Do not use too heavy filters that mask the overall “reality” and turn your exposure into the artificial one.
  • Use the images that are “true to your brand”, without using any gimmicks.
  • While designing the photos for ads, capture the moments, and not the products. It will turn out to be more creative and inspiring for the viewers.
  • The ads should be based on the popular Instagram hashtags. To meet this criterion, it is advised to take cues and ideas from the existing Instagram community.
  • Brands are not allowed to use their logos in the Instagram photo ads, however, they can immerse them naturally in the videos.

Being the crucial part of the Instagram theory, always keep these instructions at the back of your mind while shaping your Instagram strategy. But keep in mind that you are not supposed to apply the same ideas every time as trends keep on evolving. So the best solution is to keep yourself updated about every new trend.

3:Understand The Instagram Algorithm To Use It For Your BrandWhat Do You Need To Know About Instagram?

According to the research conducted in March 2016, people miss 70 percent of the photos while browsing through social media platforms.

But Instagram is an exception.

The Instagram Algorithm keeps an eye on personal preferences and choices and arranges the posts based on, “the likelihood people will be interested in the content, their relationship with the person or business posting and the timelines of the post”.

So the more fans like and comment on your posts, the more likely Instagram’s algorithm is to favor subsequent content. As a result, your posts and videos will get the top position in the news feeds, thus reducing the need for paid promotion.

So do you want to know what is the biggest challenge if you want to promote your business on Instagram?

Devising the Instagram strategy that generates engagement can turn out to be the greatest challenge. Basically, the engagement of the audience is not only important to enhance brand recognition, but it also helps you to get feedback on what other people think about your brand and posts.

When the users take some extra time to land on your post, check it, carefully go through and leave the comment, you get an immediate edge over the competitors. At this stage, you should learn to respond to the feedback and queries as soon as possible.

Spend A Time To Build A Strong Relationship With The Followers

If you want more people to respond to your activity, you should give special importance to your viewers and followers. You will definitely enjoy the snowball impact in terms of growth.

By the way, which of the things do you like most about Instagram?

Catchy images or realistic ads?

Either way, do a quick comment right now and share your thoughts with us.