Most people think YouTube is all about video game play-throughs and cat videos. But if you make YouTube videos for a living, then you know it is much more than that.


The platform has amassed over 2.3 billion users. Making it the second-largest search engine in the world.


Shocking right?


And it works like other SEO websites too.  Just like Google, users enter their queries into the search bar. YouTube then ranks the video results by relevance to the searched words. Meaning if your content is not optimized, then you are missing out big time!


So here are 7 ways that will make your channel more SEO friendly, rank higher in YouTube searches, and help you get more views.



1.  Find The Right Keywords For Your Channel




Good keyword research is the core element of any YouTube SEO strategy. The better your research, the better you can optimize your channel. That’s because YOUTUBE SUGGESTS YOUR CHANNEL to people based on the KEYWORDS you use in your DESCRIPTION.


So head over to your Channel Settings and click the Advanced tab.


In the Channel Keyword area, enter the keywords relevant to the content on your channel.

How Do You Choose Keywords For YouTube Channels?


To come up with appropriate keywords for your channel, consider what your potential viewers search for.

Now jot down all keyword terms your potential viewers may search for.

Ok, great. But how do you know if these keywords are any good?


One way of finding out is to use a keyword research tool like SEMrush.


The goal with such tools is to find keywords with a low difficulty score. Preferably lower than 40%.  The lower competition increases the chances of your channel getting ranked more easily.



Keyword Research




Don’t feel like investing in a paid SEO tool?


No worries!


You can use Google instead.


Type in your keywords in the search bar and check the number of results you get in return.


Search Results



Yikes! That is just too many search results for ‘cat food’.


So, keep searching for new keywords until you find one that gives a lower number of results.


2.  Create A Custom Channel Banner



Neil Patel Youtube Banner



Your banner appears right at the top of your channel. Making it the first thing that catches the attention of your viewer. And as they say, first impressions are often lasting ones.


So, you want to create a banner that is both equally eye-catching and engaging at the same time. Besides using good art design, make sure to add all your blog and social media handles to the banner. They will appear in the bottom right corner, as you can see in the screen capture above.


To add links to your banner, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to your channel and click on the Customize Channel button in the right-hand corner.
  2. Click on About and a menu will pop open. Select the Links option from this list.
  3. Press the pencil icon and add your links to your banner.


That’s all.


3. Optimize Your YouTube Description 


Are you guilty of leaving the about section blank on your channel?


Then you probably are missing out on all the benefits you can get from filling out this section.  By using this space, you can CREATE a KEYWORD-DENSE DESCRIPTION of your channel.


But you don’t have to write lengthy paragraphs.


Instead, tell your viewers what kind of content you make, how often you post during the week, and reasons why they should subscribe to your channel.

And while you’re at it, make sure you add any relevant keywords in the sentences.


Also, make sure your first few lines are punchy and to the point.


Because only the first 50 characters show up when your channel is displayed in the channel suggestions.



Linus Tech Tips



This is what a properly SEO-optimized channel looks like in YouTube search results.  Linus Tech Tips keeps things short and simple. The first sentence sums up the entire channel.

How To Link Your YouTube Channel To Your Website?


Talking about channel descriptions brings us to the second point which is adding links in your description.


Whether it is your social media handles or your full-fledged website, it is always a good idea to add links to your YouTube channel description.  This verifies your channel as the official channel of your brand and make it  look more credible.  Plus, YouTube will bring more traffic to your website.  So it is a win-win situation.


For more instructions, you can follow this step-by-step guide


4. Add a Video Trailer On Your Channel


youtube channel trailer


There is nothing better than having an interesting and informative video trailer on your channel.


It is YouTube’s way of letting viewers know what your content is all about.


And an opportunity to turn them into long term subscribers.


Like your channel description, you have to tell he audience why they need to subscribe to your channel. Make it exciting and captivating. Let them know your unique style of content and highlight the strong points of your channel to draw people in.


You can also throw in some keywords in your trailer to really connect with your target viewers.


How To Create A YouTube Trailer?


Youtube Trailer


To make your trailer now, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your trailer video to your channel
  2. On your profile page, click on Customize Channel on the right side of the screen.
  3. Next click on the For New Visitor tab on the center-left of the screen.  This will show you the same result as in the screenshot above.
  4. Now hit the Channel trailer button and a window will pop up.  This window will display your uploaded videos.  So choose your recently uploaded trailer and select Save at the bottom.


And that is it!


5. Mention Your Channel On Your Website


embed video


We’ve talked about including your website link in your description, but you can do the reverse and add your YouTube channel on your website?


As the team at The Content Factory says,

“If you are going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort.”


Cool, right?


To do this, you can add a blog section on your official webpage. Create blog posts based on the content you upload on your YouTube channel. The best thing is that it works both ways.  You can also make new videos based on the content already published on your website.


Doing this makes people finding your content online more likely than if you were to post it only to a single platform.


6. Advertise Your Channel On Your Website


A great way to market your YouTube channel is by embedding the subscribe button on your website/blog.


You can add the little subscribe widget anywhere that feels appropriate to your website layout.  The widget will display the main details about your channel along with the red subscribe button. This includes subscriber count, your YouTube profile picture, and the total number of videos you have posted to date.

How To Engage Better With Your Target Audience?


The best ways to interact with your viewers and subscribers is by using the comments section.


Comments left by people are a great indicator of how well your videos are being received.


Viewers are quick to give their opinions.  So, make sure to stick around at least a day or two after you upload. Take this time to just read the comments and reply.  This gives the impression that you know your subject well and are ready to answer any questions that come up. Which makes you a more credible source in your viewer’s books.


Other than this, you can also encourage your subscribers to leave feedback and comments.


But don’t literally write Please Leave A Comment.


That doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?


youtube comments


Hence try to make things more interesting and engaging. Ask your audience to share their thoughts and past experience about the topic. Or maybe share a personal story if they have one. This will make things interesting and get the conversation going.  After all, who doesn’t love talking about themselves?

Leave Comments On Other’s Videos


It’s always great to have as much comments on your videos. But there is one way to get even more of them.


Using your official YouTube channel, comment on videos by other content creators. This will help take things one step further for your own channel.


When you leave a helpful or witty comment on another video, people can easily click on your avatar. And this will lead them to your channel. Meaning you get extra traffic without doing much at all.


Additionally, you will also be interacting with other content creators when they reply to your comments. So use the opportunity to make new connections with other community members. This can lead to opening new avenues for your channel such as getting featured on their channel or doing a video collaboration.


7. Amp Up Your Production Value


production value


There is no doubt that SEO optimizes your content. But there are some other things that can aid in optimizing your YouTube channel.


One of the best tips we can give you is to create high-value content by using top-notch production quality.


Yes, SEO matters a lot in getting traffic to your channel.


But it is GREAT VIDEO QUALITY and CONTENT that MAKES PEOPLE STAY on your channel for longer.


Meaning that if you want to truly optimize your channel, then it is time to step up your game.

What Do You Need To Make Great YouTube Videos?


“Content Is King, but Marketing Is Queen and Runs the Household”, chairman of VaynerX, Gary Vaynerchuk.


The truth is SEO works. But with good videos on your channel, it’ll work even better.


Remember that SEO and marketing strategy go hand-in-hand.  With premium videos, however, you don’t have to worry about marketing, because the quality will advertise for itself.


Here are some worthy investments you need to make if you want to scale things up on your channel:

Camera and Tripod-  Anything from a DSLR to a phone camera will do. The only thing you have to worry about is that you have good picture quality. Nothing cutting edge. But the video output should have a high resolution and should not be grainy. You can further enhance your filming process by getting a standard tripod for your camera. Any old tripod will do as long as it makes your videos smooth and jitter-free.

Lighting- If you are on a tight budget, then the Sun is your best bet for getting natural good lighting. Otherwise, you can buy some fancy yet cheap lamps and light stands online. They should get the job done.

Microphone- Unless you are a musician, you can get an inexpensive microphone from your local tech store. As long as it isn’t noisy, a standard microphone will record your audio without any problems.

Editing Software- This is where all the magic happens. Editing your videos lets you take out unnecessary pauses, put things in sequence, add in any extra parts after filming and add in your regular intro and outro.

But that is not all.

In post-production, you also get to balance out the colors of your video, making it easier on the eyes. Plus, you can add video and sound effects wherever you please.

Here are some great video editing software’s we recommend:

Adobe Premiere Pro- The best editing software for professional video editors.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365- The best editing software for everyday use.

Adobe Premiere Elements- The best editing software for beginners.


All in all, YouTube is a great platform for sharing your content in a virtual and interactive way. Many people have already turned YouTube into their main source of income,  and using the right tools and techniques, you can do so too.


A properly SEO-optimized channel will let nothing come in the way of people watching and appreciating your content. With the quality uploads and the power of SEO on your side, it is only a matter of time before you make your big break.


Are you an inspiring YouTuber?


Let us know your favorite SEO optimization methods in the comments. Also, you can read more on our blog as well.


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