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10 Secret Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel and Get More Views – [2021]

Are you exerting yourself into brainstorming ideas for your upcoming YouTube or Vimeo videos and recording them?



But have you considered promoting them across different channels?



It’s like working day in and out to launch a product, setting up a sales page for it. Almost having your audience hand over their credit cards to you…

…but leaving them a SIGN-UP NOW button with a dead link.


Error 404. Page not found. Ugh! How frustrating!


If you are not getting enough views on your YouTube or Vimeo channel, you could be facing a similar frustration.


This guide is going to help you promote your channels.


But if you are one of those lucky Fortune 100 who already have a loyal fan base., then there’s no harm in receiving great insights into getting more eyeballs watching your content.


Here’s how you should get started.



1. Promote Your YouTube Videos in a Community Post 

YouTube has this distinct feature of a community tab. 

community tab


What is the Community Tab Feature for?


It is designed for content creators to interact with their audience through polls, images, and text-based posts.


So, the next time you see a YouTube channel throwing a poll out there, you can recall this guide and say:


“Yes, this is what they were talking about!”


This feature is highly underrated, though!


If content creators could realize how highly it factors into bringing more views, they would think twice before leaving it out of their marketing plan.


How Should You Interact with Your Audience in a Community Post?


You can talk about your upcoming videos there. It is like giving people a clue on what’s coming.


You can also add captivating question-based images or polls that may intrigue people.


Look at this community post of Dan Lok, it alone has 1.7k likes and 47 comments. A lot of engagement, right?




Dan Lok Community



And if your community posts are delivering value, chances are they will click the play button as soon as they receive the notification from you.


In the example above, Dan Lok created urgency and value by providing a “promo code.”


So, you have got to make sure to upload meaningful videos that solve your target audience’s problems.

Promoting Your YouTube Channel in Community Groups 


You can promote YouTube videos in other community groups. Find the relevant groups across social media.


As for most of them, they have an open thread dedicated to promoting group members’ content once a week.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to post links to your videos where hundreds of people are already active,  interacting with one another and posting links to their videos.



2. Promote Your Videos on Forums and Q&A Groups


Want to throw your videos out there to get more eyes to see your YouTube and Vimeo videos? What is a better place to start than forums like Reddit and Q&A sites, e.g., Quora?


Up first, Google “your niche + forums.” 


Dig up which forums Google pulls up for you. Visit the ones you find the most interacting.


People visit these types of forums for mainly two reasons:

  • Humans are always on the lookout for new things. People are eager to see what valuable content others are sharing.
  • The major reason that makes people go there is to have their queries addressed.


“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer.” – Jonathan Midenhall


If your video addressed the above-mentioned points, it would truly help win your audience.

How to Stalk Your Audience in Forums?


Say, for instance, you published a video about DIY.


Your best bet is to find where your target audience goes to find new pieces of advice?


Then share that video’s link to those forums.


However, it is not recommended to just post a link straightaway. You should better start contributing first to establish credibility.


Also, before publishing a video, it is better to write a description about it to give a clue to your viewers on what’s coming.  Leaving that space completely empty after uploading a video is not a good idea.


Start participating in the discussion. Hang in there to answer their questions.


Now the next time something has got them brain-buzzed or they just want to take your opinion on a particular matter. They will, most probably, look for your online presence.


Google will land them on your YouTube or Vimeo channel. 


If people are fanboying over your content because of the great influence that you have on their lives. They won’t hesitate to binge-watch your videos.


More likely, they will get the word out in their social circle.


What more could you want?


“Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.”   

–Jonah Berger,



In addition, if you are not posting your videos on Quora, your efforts will probably go to falter.


Quora is a popular discussion forum and you might find your target audience hanging out there.

So, make sure to share your videos on relevant posts you find on Quora.

How to Target Your Audience on Quora?

First of all, put your keywords in the search bar and review a few posts.


Quora Search


Respond to the most relevant question. And embed your video at the end of your response for a better understanding of the subject.

If anyone clicks through the link, they are viewing your video and reaching out to your channel. Boom!



3. Create a Preview of Your Video to Share Across Social Media 



Youtube Post Facebook


One catch about social media algorithms is that it throws its weight behind native contentcontent that doesn’t require people to leave that particular site.


Take Facebook as an example. If you simply post a link to your video there, most likely Facebook will bury that.


Attachment unavailable sounds familiar, right?

What you can do instead is:

  • Upload a preview of your video under one minute mark.
  • It should be a snippet of your original video. For instance, explaining what DIY is all about. Or how to do XYZ at home, etc.
  • Share that as a post in and of itself.
  • Provide a link to the full video on Vimeo or YouTube in the first comment.

This video will get an incredible reach.


It will certainly bring you more views. Because:


A Facebook executive predicted that their platform would be all video and no text by 2021- Quartz


If that video is truly helping people solve their problems. Be prepared to receive tons of thanks, and I wonder why didn’t I find you earlier?!” comments.



4. Promote Your Channels Through Email Marketing

email marketing


Nobody denies the power of social media.

But take notes, email marketing is unbeatable.

Customers still prefer reading emails and clicking links provided therein.

So, make sure to promote your video through email.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Promoting Your YouTube or Vimeo Channels Through Emails

  • Write a killer email copy that throws a bit of light on the subject of your video. Entice viewers to read further.
  • Show your readers how YOUR video is the solution to their issues. And what important things they will miss out on if they choose to ignore it.
  • Add a link to the video at the end.


Pro tip: Write a catchy headline that makes people want to open your email in the first place.

Email marketing works in the following two ways:

  • You direct your audience to your YouTube watch page.
  • You embed a video in your blog post and lure them into reading that.


Embed Youtube Video Link



Either way, they will watch it.


The preferred way to promote it is by directing them to your YouTube or Vimeo video. This way, you can have a maximum number of comments, views, and subscribers.


But embedding a video in your blog post will have more people visiting your website. The longer they stay on your website, the higher are the chances for your website to rank.


Both of these options have pros and cons.



Having that said, one shoe size does not fit all.


There is no ultimate way to market your videos through videos.

Do whatever suits your marketing strategy.



5. Collaborate with Other Channels 




Collaborating with other video channels is similar to guest posting on other blogs.


Find a channel within your industry, which is more or less the size of your YouTube channel. However, the bigger, the better.

If your collaboration  goes through successfully, the camera will put you in front of a lot of new people.  And roll in thousands of more views.


Since this form of the collaboration is considered an implied endorsement, you will win people’s trust easily.

“When people feel insecure about something, they look around for validation. Show them that other people trust you.” –Francisco Rosales

The Ingredients to a Successful Collab 


These are quite simple. You must work on the following things before reaching out to your potential influencers.

  • Have a clear theme of the video laid out.
  • What value are you offering them in return for this venture?
  • What type of video do you intend to create?
  • Why would their audience love your content?
  • And most importantly, discuss the timeline of sending your video.


You can later decide mutually on the publishing dates.


How Can You Use This Collab to Your Advantage?


In that video, you can talk about your Vimeo and YouTube channels.

Kill two birds with one stone.


Before pitching big YouTube channels, bear in mind…

…they might be receiving a lot of collab requests daily. So, if you want to receive a positive reply, rest assured your pitch should not be solely bragging about yourself.


Don’t talk big. Show them proofs. Tempt them to work with you on this joint venture.



6. Promote Your Channels Through Different Mediums 


promote video

You might want to consider promoting your channels through your blog post or through guest posting, where you write a blog and post it on someone’s else website.


If you run a podcast, talk about your channel off and on wherever relevant.


In short, whatever marketing strategy you’re using for your brand, don’t forget to market your channels along the way.


If you receive guest invites on other YouTube channels, you can always talk about your channel there.


Mention them anywhere you can think of including interviews, TV shows and more.



7. Run Ads


run ads


Can any marketing strategy be complete without running ads?


If you want to add more colors to your campaigns, you have got to run ads.


Organic traffic can bring you constant engagement, that’s right.


But if your channel does not have an established audience yet, then YouTube ads that are run through Google ads will help your channel tremendously.


It gives you an opportunity to promote your videos on a wider scale and expand your horizon.



8. Comment on Other Channels 


comment on other channel


Take your time to leave positive and encouraging comments on other channels.


I suggest you spare an hour daily to do the drill.


As tiring as it may sound, you will thank yourself later for undertaking this task.


Because it will help your promotion in the following two ways:


Up first, it takes you and your channel in front of that channel’s audience. If they have a diverse audience, your chances of attracting a ton of new visitors stand tall.



People skimming through comments will stop to read your comment, and if they find it meaningful, they will click over your channel and watch your videos.


The more helpful your comment is, the more upvotes and replies it will get. Algorithms will push your comment to the top of the comments section.


What’s next? People will see your comment the moment they land on that video.


Congratulations! You’re all set to receive unique visitors.


You help them rank better because of a greater number of comments, and they give you a ton of new visitors. It is a win-win!


Second, it helps build a cordial relationship with other YouTubers and Vimeo users.


When people get used to seeing a name appearing with a great comment, their subconscious mind starts bonding with them.


Since you are quite familiar with them, the upside of this drill will pay off when your odds of running a collaboration with them increases heavily.


Use this tactic to build a relationship first and then hit the collab offer.


Another pro tip: It is recommended to have a professional channel icon. Icons having your selfies or random pictures do not look professional.


Because when you comment, your channel icon shows up next to it. Use a picture that represents your brand.



9. Promote Your Videos Through Bloggers Who Write Similar Content 

blog writing pic


Approaching bloggers in your niche who are producing similar content is what gives a boost to your advertisement.


You can request them to embed your videos in their blog posts.


But what offers do you have for them in exchange?


When they embed your videos with timestamps, you should promote their blog posts in exchange.


It’s a win-win. You both get exposure.



10. Embed Your Video on The Most Visited Page of Your Website

embed video


Embed your video on the most visited page of your website. Do it through Google Console or Google analytics.


Not only will it promote your video, but it also helps your website rank higher.

Final Words:


Now that you have enjoyed learning from this guide, I’d like to hear your take on it.


Which strategy are you going to implement to advertise your YouTube and Vimeo channels?


Are you going to contact influencers in your niche? Or post more frequently on forums and Quora? Or do all of the things mention above?


Whatever your upcoming strategy is, keep us in the loop by leaving a comment or visiting one of our social media platforms below.

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