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How to Keep Viewers Watching Your YouTube Videos and Keep Coming Back for More

Do you know watch time is the biggest ranking factor for YouTube videos?

But it is a daunting challenge to get audience attention on a platform where 500+ hours of content is uploaded every minute!


So, today you will get the powerful video creation recipe to ace the competition and increase your videos’ watch time dramatically.


From crafting click-worthy titles to making your end screen useful, you will master the art of making your videos stand out.

Let’s begin!


How to Make a Viewer Click Your Video?

Write Titles that Accurately Reflect Your Content


First of all, ask yourself – in the presence of hundreds of other videos, why should a user click on yours?

You may be providing high-quality content inside but the thing is – “how would your user know that?”

You need to give them a solid reason to click your video.

This is where your video title plays an important role. It tells the viewer and search engines what your content is about.

In fact, the title can be a major reason a user views or skips the video.


How to create catchy titles?

Write Catchy Titles

  • First, keep the optimal title’s length in mind. YouTube marketing experts suggest keeping it below 70 characters for better optimization. Short titles are also fully visible to the viewer.
  • The use of numbers in a title is a tested and approved strategy to drive attention. Psychologically, it provides the user a specific view of the content.
  • Likewise, using power-words is a no-brainer but generates miraculous results. They trigger the visitors to take action instantly.
  • In all of this, don’t forget to focus on adding keywords. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Sprinkling keywords in the title give search engines and users a clue about what your content is about.


These titles above probably got your attention, right?

That’s because they are using the tips shared above.

WARNING: DON’T create MISLEADING tiles. Crafting clickbait titles sets higher expectations. You may get hundreds of thousands of views in minimal time. But, it can damage your channel’s reputation in the long run.


Hence, if your title is promising something; deliver it. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of your audience gradually. This shady tactic will lead to reduced watch time and someone may even report your video.


Design Thumbnails that Get High Clicks

Did you know that about 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. They need visual clues primarily to understand something.

It means that your video thumbnail can get you high clicks if used accordingly.

In fact, the thumbnail is the first thing that drives the attention of viewers to click on your video.


According to YouTube Creators Academy

“90% of the best performing video productions on YouTube have a custom thumbnail.”


Craft Thumbnails that Get High Clicks

Thumbnail Design


How to create an appealing thumbnail? 


  • Your first shot is to add a relevant and high-quality image. It makes the viewers stop and see!
  • You may also add the video title in the thumbnail to generate good results. However, remember to refrain from using common fonts. Here you have a choice to use fonts representing your brand’s tone.
  • In thumbnails, colors also play an important role. For instance, studies reveal that the color blue boosts sale. Likewise, red is known to trigger action.
  • The video’s thumbnail should be user-friendly – optimized for all devices. In this regard, Google’s recommendations are to use a 16:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, the preferred resolution is 1280×720 for clarity.


How to Hook Your Audience from the Start?


Once your title and thumbnail persuaded the user enough to click on the video – their purpose is over.

Now, the opening – the first 10 to 15 seconds, of the video should be POWERFUL enough to make the viewer stay.

Remember, the video isn’t about you but the audience. Read it again!


“If your first 15 seconds are weak, people are going to leave in droves (which can kill your Audience Retention). That’s why it’s important to start your video off with a compelling hook.”      Backlinko


The majority of the beginner YouTubers make the mistake of giving lengthy introductions about themselves. Or, even worse, they add the animated logos in these crucial seconds. This does no good but only frustrates your viewers.


There are no limits to making an opening creative. Anyhow, if you are short of ideas implement these 2 strategies to hook the viewers instantly.


State the Value Clearly

Give your viewers a reason to keep watching, right away! Give them a clear insight about “what and why.”

In short, make these 3 things clear:

  • What is your topic?
  • Why is it important to watch your video?
  • What are they going to learn?


By doing so, viewers will get the reason to keep watching the video. Moreover, this methodology sets the right expectations.


Trigger a Thought Process in Viewer’s Mind


In the beginning, triggering the sheer curiosity in the viewer’s mind also makes them watching the video.


It works just like the curious ending of seasons’ episodes. What keeps us moving ahead?

Curiosity and an urge to know more!

Just like that, you can do it in your YouTube videos by hitting the viewers’ biggest pain points in the beginning.  Likewise, opening up the highly relevant question in the start serves the purpose well.

The bottom line is to instigate some sort of tension in their mind. It is known as the open-loop concept.

Afterward, your video should be an answer to close that loop. Hence, you need to trigger the tension and provide the solution.

By now, you made your users click the video and stick with you in the beginning. Now, it is the time to make your video’s body engaging. 



What are the Tactics to keep the Viewers Watching Your YouTube Videos till End?


Provide Your Viewers Value:

If the ingredient of value is missing from your video, you have messed up the foundation of your success.


Yes, it is that much important.


As a Youtuber, your focus should be on providing qualitative content to your viewers.


The most effective way is to get into the shoes of your potential audience.  Find out what is bothering your target audience and what solutions your content has for them.


Most importantly, try to come up with something innovative. You can do it by finding the content gap. Research and find out what your audience is looking for but not getting satisfactory content in return.


Working in these areas increases the chances of getting more views and earning an increase in watch time.



Timestamp Your YouTube Videos

Timestamp Youtube Videos


Your YouTube videos should be inflow to keep the viewers engaged. The optimal way to do it is by timestamping the videos.


It provides the leading structure to Youtubers as well as the audience.

By implementing this approach, you will provide tightly focused script content. No fluff!


Additionally, timestamps make the videos skimmable. Your viewers can go to their desired section instantly.

Getting an answer right away will make them fall in love with your channel. Believe us!


Pro tip: In addition to making Title SEO-optimized, you can also insert keywords in timestamps. Thus, your videos will be shown in the top results all the way leading to more views and increased watch time.


Pay Special Attention to Pattern Interrupts

The attention span of human beings has dropped dramatically in the past couple of years. According to research, it is as low as 8 seconds!

So, don’t expect viewers to view the steady video to the end.  Here, pattern interrupts become handy.

It is a psychological technique to refocus a viewer’s attention. Basically, any visual change comes under its umbrella.

In this regard, a change in camera angles or displaying on-screen graphics is a good move. Moreover, jump cuts and B-rolls also spark viewers’ attention.



Show a Human Face


Show Human Face


Besides providing good content, Youtubers should focus on presentation style as well.


In this regard, showing a human face is an optimal option. A study reveals that showing a human face in videos makes users more active.


It gives you an edge to make the audience feel the exact emotion you’re eliciting,  leading to high engagement and strong rapport building.



How to Use YouTube Videos to Increase Your Channel’s Watch Time?


It is quite possible by making the right use of the end screen.

Here’s how to do it:


Request Viewers to Hit the Subscribe Button


Hit Subscribe Button


During the video, request your viewers to hit the subscribe button.  Make sure to say it explicitly and let them know that by hitting the subscribe button, they will be updated with any new videos coming out.


Pro Tip: Keep marketing your channel on social media to get more subscribers.  This organic subscriber growth will give a boom to your video watch time.


“I’d also recommended that you conduct an email outreach and get publications to embed your videos in their relevant posts. It will increase the shelf life of your videos.”     Neil Patel Blog


Till now, you have learned tactics to keep viewers engaged throughout the video. Afterward, the question arises…



Use Cards Throughout Your Videos


Getting more views from the same viewer is easy as compared to getting a new viewer. So, make your viewers stay longer on your channel by placing cards throughout the video.


These mini links help to promote other videos and get more subscribers to your channel.


Use Cards in Videos


Moreover, in educational or informative content, embedding the card of a relevant playlist is a great strategy.

Passionate learners prefer to go through the whole playlist to learn more. And it gives a dramatic boost to watch time.


Pro Tip: Place these cards at the point where viewers are most likely to leave the video. You can know this easily by analyzing the audience retention reports.



Add a Spice of Humor


Research reveals humor can increase the focus of the audience. Hence, integrating humor in your YouTube videos can definitely keep your viewers excited.

You can integrate humor by showing memes and colorful graphics in your videos.

Likewise, showing bloopers also works wonders. It hones transparency, leading to a stronger bond with the viewers.


Along with increasing watch time, humorous content has a higher recall ratio. It makes your channel memorable for the viewers and the association makes them keep coming back for more.



Link Video’s End Screen to Most Relevant Content


YouTube provides you a great opportunity to display your desired call to action or other video links at the end of the video.

Here, you can use teaser text to persuade the viewers to take action. Moreover, linking the video to the relevant playlist (if any) directs potential viewers towards more of your channel’s content.

There is a high probability that the viewers who have stayed till the end of the video will also watch other videos in the playlist. Thus, this strategy hooks viewers to your channel for a longer time.


Analyze Audience Retention Report to Keep Improving the Videos’ Watch Time?


The audience retention report provides the graph explaining where your audience stayed and where they left.

All you have to do is look for the stick around and drop-offs. Repeat the elements making your audience stay longer.

Likewise, look for the periods where your viewers left. Eliminating these elements from your videos will make your videos perform up to the mark.


To Wrap it Up


By now, you have got the complete roadmap to making your YouTube videos engaging. If implemented correctly, these tactics are sure to give a boom to your video watch time  and will make your viewers glued to your channel.


What are you waiting for?

Start working on your next YouTube videos by applying these game changers and let us know the results.  Post your comments below or on one of our social media platforms below.

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