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Top 9 Best Ways to Increase Views on YouTube Videos


Indeed, YouTube is the second largest search engine. But the tough competition also makes it challenging to get the most views on your YouTube videos.


Yes, experienced YouTubers know this pain well!


Yet, applying the right strategies can accelerate your success.



So let’s dive into 9 tested and proven strategies to increase views on your YouTube videos with minimal time!


1.   Stick to a Specific Niche

Find Niche






Sticking to a specific niche is like solid groundwork.  Without it, all other endeavors to gain high views can go in vain!


First, you need to understand – It isn’t possible to attract every viewer. Thus, your content should be for a specified audience! Talking about several things gives a channel generalist feel rather than showing you as an expert.

Plus, focusing on a specific subject helps with YouTube SEO.



Who wants to listen to mediocre? No one!



On the flip side, as per YouTube, users watched 100 billion hours of gaming alone in 2020!



So don’t think that choosing one niche closes the door of opportunities. On the contrary, along with bringing high-quality views it also generates business earlier.


Pro Tip:


To generate massive views, you should do extensive research on your targeted audience personas. It will give you an insight into their likes, dislikes, pain points, needs, and wants. Consequently, you create content that hits right at the spot.

2.   Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Better Search Rankings

Optimize videos

YouTube has huge potential.  But you need to optimize your videos for cashing this second largest search engine.






How to Optimize YouTube Videos to Bring More Views?


The following tactics will help you rank your videos in search results as well as the sidebar – recommendation section.



Title: Try to come up with keyword-enriched catchy titles.  Your title should let the search engine know about the content and give users a sneak peek of your video.


Thumbnail: Title and thumbnail go hand in hand to persuade users to click on your videos.  These are the first things users see when researching their desired content.  So give your thumbnail a catchy feel by customizing it to attract your specific audience.



Tags: The importance of tags in optimization has decreased with time. But YouTube still recommends descriptive tag usage. It seems that the YouTube algorithm shows “recommended videos” based on the relevance of the tags. So it helps to add highly relevant tags in your videos.


Description: Having a description gives YouTubers room to optimize their channel better. You should make it SEO-friendly to get more views. And include relevant keywords and place call-to-action links.


Timestamps: Timestamping a video gives an edge to YouTubers to include relevant keywords. Timestamps also make videos skimmable. It allows users to go to the relevant section immediately. Consequently, leading to a low quitting ratio, and more views.


Playlists: Grouping together the relevant videos in your channel can give a boost to views. Playlists include more content than stand-alone videos which makes them rank better.



Get more in-depth YouTube video optimization tips here.


3.   Get New Eye Balls but Don’t Forget Existing Ones

Attract views

In the process of getting more views on your channel, don’t forget the already existing audience i.e. subscribers.


Many beginner YouTubers make the mistake of publishing content “only for the sake of bringing in new traffic. For instance, they only create videos regarding “how-to” content with keywords that have massive search volume and competition.


If you already have subscribers then creating videos aligned with what your audience’s want is necessary. As a result, after publishing your video, you’ll  gain hundreds of views.


Here are some engaging video ideas that YouTube viewers enjoy watching:


Vlogs: These are extremely popular video content style that picked up stream in the past few years.  Subscribers like to see the lifestyle of YouTubers they like. Vlogs also lead to a stronger bond.


Product Reviews: Nowadays, YouTubers are more like influencers. Subscribers love to buy their recommended products. Product review videos also come under the umbrella of best-performing YouTube videos. In addition to bringing more reviews, these videos can bring you a handful of affiliate marketing commissions as well.


Educational Videos: In this digital age, People want to see valuable resources on the internet. Thus, providing them with relevant guidance through your videos fosters a stronger relationship. It also makes you stand out as an expert.


Pro Tip: Subscribers’ likes and dislikes vary from niche to niche. So, in order to ace, the competition spying on your competitors is never a bad idea. You can analyze their most viewed videos. It will help you know your audience style better.

4.   Aim for Building Relationship

build relationships

YouTube isn’t merely a video search engine but a social network as well. So don’t make it a one-way relationship.


As a YouTuber, your job isn’t only to provide videos to your audience but to also interact with them.


“As of 2020, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there. The number of channels is growing strong: last year it grew more than 23%. People all around the world are creating a YouTube channel, and uploading 500 hours of video every minute.”



This shows that your potential audience has many options as far as channels. So try using the like, comment, and share features to make them glued to your content.  This can be a first start in getting new subscribers.


Besides providing valuable content, you need to develop a strong connection with your audience. In this regard, make them feel noticed and get connected with them by:


Replying to Comments: Just like you want your audience to listen to you, your audience wants the same. Here, replying to the comments does wonders. It makes the viewers feel that their feelings and concerns are important to you.


Making Reaction Videos: You can make reaction videos – polite of course! Here, you can include the comments or emails from your fans. This approach makes them feel heard!


Running a YouTube Contest: Who doesn’t like freebies? Hence, running a YouTube contest or giving away freebies can get your viewers excited. Doing it regularly will make them participate often. As a result, this higher engagement leads to more views.


5.   Partner Up With Other Creators

Partner with creators

By giving you exposure to the new highly relevant audience collaborations works well for bringing quality viewers to your channel.


Moreover, if done right, partnering up with relevant YouTubers can bring you handsome subscribers in no time. The reason behind this is showing up with the content creator who is already liked by the audience watching you.


Anyhow, you should only partner up with YouTubers having the same possessions. Because the point here is to not only bring the traffic but the targeted viewers.


By now, you might be thinking…


How to Find YouTubers for Collaborations?

First, hunt for the YouTubers having more or less the same following as you. These are the people who are easier to make relationships with.

The second step is to comment on the videos of the content creators you like genuinely.


Moreover, giving a shout-out to their video part you like the most always works well. It shows that you aren’t commenting only for the sake of getting noticed. Rather, they genuinely interest you.


Pro Tip: Remember, the secret ingredient here is to not ask anything in return. Your comments shouldn’t include something like “subscribe my channel too” – it is a big turn-off! If you want to build a network first give, gradually you will start hearing from them as well.

6.   Work on Getting Backlinks


No one can deny the power of YouTube. But getting backlinks from other platforms can also give a boost to your YouTube video views.


●     Social Media


The usage of social media is also increasing year by year. These platforms give us an edge to make our videos reach thousands of people with one click.

Social Media Graph

Moreover, social platforms that use videos have more potential to crush social media because of their high demand.


“74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.”



But remember our main goal is to increase YouTube video views. So don’t make the mistake of uploading a full video on social media platforms, you can just include a small clip that leads to the full video on YouTube.


Also, don’t simply place video links. Social media platforms are competitors of each other. Their algorithm doesn’t let the outer links post go viral or reach more users.


So what to do instead?


Uploading your video’s alluring teaser can perform much better. Here, you can include a complete video link to the viewers in the caption or comment section. By doing so, potential viewers will go to your complete YouTube videos.


●     Email Marketing


You may be making a mistake by ignoring this platform that has huge potential.


“In 2020, the number of global e-mail users amounted to four billion and is set to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025.”



So overall,  incorporating YouTube videos into your email marketing can generate massive views.

●     Blogs


Blogs seem unattractive without videos. So why not make YouTube videos part of your blog? It allows you to bring more views to your YouTube videos.


Besides posting your video link, using an exact headline key phrase can level up the game. It gives a signal to search engines that your video is full of valuable information and highly relevant to the topic.


Placing targeted video links into your guest posts will enhance views on your YouTube videos. If you are writing for a large audience blog then soon your videos will get tons of new viewers.


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to enable an “embed video” option. Enabling it allows other content creators to embed your videos in their content. Consequently leading to more traffic.

●     Use Other Video Platforms


YouTube is the largest but not the only video search engine. Some big names are:


  • Vimeo
  • Revver
  • Metacafe
  • Dailymotion
  • Viddler



Posting your videos on these sites also enhances the reach of your content. Moreover, getting backlinks from these sites can set your YouTube views on fire.

7.   Leverage the Biggest Search Engine – Google


YouTube is owned by Google; but, do both of them display the same results for videos? You will be amazed to know…


“55.2% of YouTube videos ranking in Google were different from the top videos ranking in YouTube’s search results.”



Research reveals that Google shows YouTube videos in 70% of their top 100 search results.


This shows that…


Besides YouTube, optimizing videos for Google as well can produce miraculous results. Imagine how much traffic you can get by ranking in the top search results on Google? No limits!


Pro Tip: You should remain updated about the hot topics in your niche. So, you can capitalize on trending keywords in your industry – earlier than your competitors. By creating relevant in-demand quality content your chances of appearing in the Google SERPs will increase dramatically.

8.   Adapt Live Streaming Trend

Live Streaming

Live streaming is among the top social media trends. YouTube also provides you with this feature. Moreover, the platform also favors live streams over pre-recorded videos. So, why not benefit from it?


If you haven’t done so already,  then analyze the well-performed live videos on YouTube. It will give you a sense of what to expect.  In general, testing the following types of live streams is a good idea.


  • Live Tutorials
  • Q&A sessions
  • Product demonstrations


9.   Experiment with Paid Marketing to Drive YouTube Views

Increase viewsThis tactic may insinuate – “No, I don’t want to spend money.” But hold on, it is worth it.


YouTube ads are cost-effective, highly targeted, and will make your video visible in front of millions within no time. Plus, many famous YouTubers started out using paid marketing.


“YouTube’s worldwide advertising revenues amounted to 6.89 billion U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter of 2020, representing a 46 percent year-over-year increase.”



This shows how much YouTubers are spending and their effectiveness in getting views. So once you have your channel setup and you know who your target audience are, then you can slowly test out YouTube paid marketing.



The key to successful YouTube Paid marketing is to put your content in front of a targeted audience. For the ones tight on budget, you can generate good results by following the simple tactic.


What is it?


Compose a list of 10-15 videos highly relevant to your niche/content. By setting them as a target location you can reach out to your potential audience in a minimum time.

Final Thoughts:


Till now, we have provided you with 10 valuable proven strategies to increase views on your YouTube videos. Some of them require more effort than others. But, when applied correctly all of them have the potential to grow your channel.


If you know of any other tips or strategies to growing your channel, please share them in the comments below or visit our social media pages at the bottom of the page.

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