How to write YouTube Titles that get views

How to Title YouTube Videos to Get More Views [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Many YouTubers often ask, “Why is my YouTube video not getting enough views and likes?”

And the first thought that comes to their mind is that maybe, our target audience is not on YouTube.  But that is not really the case.

So, what may be the reason?  It’s because you are probably not creating your video titles right.

When it comes to YouTube, there’s a lot of competition going on.  Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute, and of course, everyone wants views on their videos. So the competition is tough.

If you want your video to get noticed on YouTube, you have to be:



Simply put, you have to create titles that make you STAND OUT from other YouTubers aka your competitors. Now I am sure most of you might be wondering…

 “How do we get to create YouTube video titles that are engaging but at the same time, not CLICKBAIT?”

That’s the real challenge that most of the content creators on YouTube face each day when it comes to creating titles for their videos, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

I’ll be sharing some tested and proven tips to create titles that can get your video in front of the right audience,  and here is How to Promote Your Youtube Channel if you haven’t done so yet.

Without any further ado. Let’s get started.

How important is the video title in terms of getting more clicks

14 Proven Tips to Title Your Videos to Get More Views


1. Keep the Title Simple – No Clickbait


simple youtube video title


Even though it’s hard to resist the temptation,  you should keep the title simple. It’s a no brainer that your title should match your video’s content.

Too many marketers get extra smart with their titles and not only lose the trust of their audience but also bury the lead.

Your audience feels betrayed and deceived when they are tricked into something that they didn’t opt for!


According to Charlie Worrall of Imaginaire Digital,

“I find that a simple, descriptive title is one of the best ways to get clicks on a YouTube video. Many people instantly flood towards clickbait and mystery and while this is a great way to get clicks, it doesn’t always fit the purpose of the video.”


So, a good title describes what the video’s content is all about. It doesn’t mislead.

Now, how can you create a good but relevant title that compels the viewers to click your video?

This is what we are going to discuss below.


2. It’s all about the Keyword Research


keyword research for youtube


Just like you need proper keyword research when you write blog posts and articles. You need to conduct keyword research for YouTube content.

No matter how well you plan your content and shoot awesome videos. If you don’t target the keywords your audience are looking for, the chances to get views/clicks on your videos are quite slim.

So, make sure to do proper keyword research for your YouTube titles.

It’s no rocket science.

All you have to do is find out the keywords your target audience are looking for on YouTube.

Besides the title, you also need to add keywords to your video description and thumbnail.

This one simple step will tell the YouTube algorithm what your video is all about.


How to do Keyword Research for YouTube Titles?

First of all, you need to know the video topic. Then, you can simply put that topic into to find relevant keywords.


For this:

  • Head over to
  • Choose the YouTube tab
  • Enter Your main topic/keyword and start searching for various keyword variations

8 Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools For SEO - YouTube SEO

You can also use the YouTube search bar to manually find relevant keywords.

Put your seed keyword in the search bar and see what it suggests before hitting the ‘enter’ button. Those are topics people are already searching for.

You also use a paid tool such as Ahrefs to find keywords for your video title.


3. Unique and Catchy – Get the Attention


unique title


To attract the attention of your targeted audience, you need to make sure that your video title stands out from your competitors.

After all, you want viewers to click on your videos, not your competitors.

And to achieve this, you have to choose unique and catchy titles (Avoiding click baits at any cost).

You have to win the trust of your audience.  And they need to see exactly what they were expecting out of the title.

Or maybe, some extra topping but nothing less than what you promised them.

Side note: In the coming sections, you will learn how to create titles that are unique and catchy.


4. What’s in Title’s length?


youtube title length


Another crucial element that’s often overlooked by YouTube content creators is the length of the title.

Your title should not be too long that it gets truncated in search engines. Likewise, the title should not be too short that it lacks the proper description of the video subject and the viewer doesn’t click it.

The optimum length for the YouTube video title is up to 70 characters.

So, make sure that your title is clean and displayed correctly, and try to keep it below 70 characters.


5. Take Inspiration – Look for the Loopholes

Before writing your title, make sure to go over all the existing titles and see what’s missing in them.

Look for possible loopholes and see how you can capture your audience’s attention better and solve their problem.


6. Paint Your Audience’s Pain Points


know audience pain points


According to Mark Wood of National Pool Fences:

“In our experience, one of the best ways to write a YouTube title that gets engagement is to speak to the pain points of our audience specifically.” 


For instance, if you are working in a home improvement niche, you may want to talk about keeping the household disinfected during the pandemic.

As long as you appear relevant and understand your audience’s needs, you have a greater chance to get engagement on your videos. Consequently, failure to understand your audience’s concerns will have a reverse impact.


7. Where to Place Keywords in the Title?

Adding keywords and numbers at the beginning of your title is also another proven way to get attention.

Many experts believe that putting the exact keyword at the beginning of your video’s title (as close as possible) is one of the best SE0 practices.


keywords in title


This will ensure that users won’t have to look for the exact keyword anymore. It will be right in front of them.

Of course, try to place it naturally, but don’t bury the keyword.  Rather, make it obvious.

Some YouTube experts also suggest writing your target keyword in verbatim within your video title to get more views and ranking.


8. Keywords & Numbers – Goes Hand in Hand


using numbers in title


Now what about numbers, why do we add them?

There are several reasons why using numbers (especially odd numbers) draws more attention than your regular title.

  • A number is easy to read and comprehend.
  • Make your content more precise and to the point.
  • A number tends to stand out better than letters.
  • Adding numbers tend to make your title appear CATCHY and UNIQUE
  • Humans by default tend to get more attracted to the information that’s organized into a logical order.


Scott Nelson of MoneyNerd says:

Weirdly, having odd numbers in the YouTube title makes my click-through rate skyrocket.”


It shows that odd numbers like 5,7,9, 15 are far more effective than even numbers when it comes to producing a higher click-through rate


9. Capitalize, Capitalize and Capitalize 

Have you ever seen a billboard with lowercase letters? Or read a headline without capitalization?


So our very next tip for you is to capitalize the first letter of each word.


capitalize first letter of each word in title


The titles that are written using uppercase letters have been proven to draw more attention than the titles that are written using lowercase letters.

It simply makes reading the titles easier and fun leading to a stronger CALL TO ACTION.

But having said that, don’t overdo it. Don’t write your titles fully in uppercase. It can annoy the users and they might have difficulty reading them.  And hence, it may have a negative impact on them.

Some users might even translate it to being aggressive and abusive. Hence, it’s advisable to capitalize the first letter of each word only.


10. Nothing Beats a – Power Word


power words in title


Did you know you can significantly increase the CTR (Clickthrough Rate) of your videos by using power words in your titles?

So, we advise using power words in your video title.

Now, what are power words? You might ask.

Power words are words with stronger meaning, aimed to trigger an emotional response from the audience. It’s another way to persuade people to take a particular action.


Let’s analyze the 2 titles below and see which one triggers a psychological response from you?

  • 7 Ways to Influence, Engage and Win Other People
  • 7 Ways to Influence Other People

As you can notice there’s a slight difference in the ending wordings of the two titles. But the difference can be huge when it comes to choosing which video’s title to click on.


It’s called the power of persuasion. It’s nice to influence other people.  But isn’t it even nicer to influence, engage and win people?

So, power words are aimed to make your title more clickable by making it more engaging and promising.

Some examples of power words include:

  • Awesome
  • Affordable
  • Amazing
  • Mind-blowing
  • Convenient
  • Killer


You can get more examples of power words by clicking Rank Math’s link here. 


11. Know Your Audience Well


know your audience

Another hack to get a lot of clicks on your videos is by knowing the interest of your target audience.

Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers suggests putting yourself in your audience’s shoes and see if your video answers the burning questions they are asking.

Once you know the question your audience are looking for, use that problem in the form of a question. Then, put that as your YouTube video title.

Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it?


12. Use a Sense of Urgency

Adding words that create a sense of urgency is another tried and tested copywriting technique that has worked well for many people, and can work for you too.

Use words that create urgency or make it sound as if it’s urgent. This is to make your audience feel compelled to click on the video’s link.

You want to make them think they will miss the valuable content if they skip your video.

So, the tip here is to add key factors –

Urgency > Topical keywords > Wow factors

To add urgency you can make use of phrases such as “You don’t wanna miss on XYZ.”

For a topical keyword, you can add something like “YouTube SEO Tips Update.”

Or just add the WOW factor (an additional word to attract attention), such as awesomeproven, incredible, fabulous, unknown, rare, new, etc.

sense of urgency


All the factors combined, you got a title, that’s something like:

“You DO NOT want to miss the PROVEN YouTube SEO TIPS Update!”


13. Make Use of Good ol’ – Brackets


use brackets in title


Sometimes it is the little things in life that add value.

Similarly, adding brackets to your titles may sound like a little thing, but can add a lot of value and engagement.

Scott Nelson of manners claims to have experienced title boosts in his click-through rate by adding brackets to the titles.

He says, “I couldn’t believe the results when I first used it.”


14. Get Personal with Your Audience


get personal with audience

Another tip that works wonders when creating YouTube video titles is getting personal with your audience.

That’s by addressing your audience as ‘You’ in your title.

Using imperative commands or addressing them as “YOU” works like a charm.

Bonus Tips to Creating Great YouTube Titles:

  •   Adding the current/specific year in the video’s title or thumbnail also helps in getting more clicks. That’s because many times people want up-to-date new videos, where year in title and thumbnail can help.
  •   Using click-enticing words in titles works like wonders. Such as “7 Proven SEO tips for 2021 (that actually work)”, “7 SEO techniques for 2021 (to get more traffic).”
  •   Use action verbs because they trigger emotion and emotions trigger a response. You can use action verbs like read, watch, act, share, and respond.
  •   Be explicit and honest. Don’t disappoint your audience and lose their trust. Summarize what your video is all about and try sounding honest and sincere.
  •   You can make use of quirky and fun titles. But again, you should know your audience’s interests well.


Bottom Line:

Thbest YouTubers are those who know that their video title and thumbnail are their hooks. Spending a little extra time and experimenting with several different titles is worth an effort. After all, it’s the only way you can stand out from your competitors and get people to watch your video.

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