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YouTube Video Optimization: [Top 6 Video Optimization Strategies]

YouTube Video Optimization: [Top 6 Video Optimization Strategies To Rank Your Channel For Search]

Knowing the right titles, tags, and content of the video is not enough when it comes to YouTube video optimization. So, like Google, if you want to rank well on YouTube, you should also know what content your video will be competing with. For this purpose, you should perform a few searches about the ranking content that matches your niche.

If your video’s metadata is optimized, you can hope that your video will be able to rank easily.

Not sure how to do this?

Consider the few helpful tips given below.

1. Write An SEO Optimized Title

rank youtube videoWhile forming the title of the people, you should take into account the intent of the target audience. It starts by finding the right keywords so the searcher’s intent will reflect in the words you use.

This brings up the question:

How can I find the right keywords?

Try these FREE ideas.

  • Go to the Google Keyword Planner and look for the Keyword ideas related to your video content.
  • Another idea is to go to the YouTube search bar and start typing. The way it finishes your words into sentences will give you an idea of how the people are searching for the relevant content.

Consider these quick pointers while making headings for YouTube videos.

  • Capitalize the keywords
  • Add the initial keywords first. Then rephrase them again and separate them from the initial keywords using a colon.

For Example,

Save Money Easily: The Simple Money Saving Plan

  • Make your title catchy that will catch the attention of the audience such as Tie A Bow: Tie In 30 Seconds

Well now have a look at the format of your title.

Consider this example:

How To Fix A Cracked iPhone X Screen | The iPhone 10 Wizard Tutorials

Now you can observe that keywords are added at the start of the title while branding is the last part. Do follow this sequence while making the title.

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2. Write SEO Optimized and Effective Descriptions

If you want the readers to read full descriptions and click on the links in it, consider the following guidelines.

  • A short description of your channel, its purpose, and link to your channel page
  • Add links to your videos with call to actions words and phrases
  • Add links to more episodes and playlists
  • Add the information about your channel’s upload schedule. For example, if you add a new video every Friday at 5 PM, let the readers know in the description.
  • Make it easier for the audience to reach their point of interest in the long videos by adding useful time-codes. For instance, Talk of dogs at 4:44

Note: While adding your website’s URL, add HTTP:// as a prefix so YouTube will hyperlink it.

3. Add The Effective Tags To Make Your Videos More Discoverable

Well, all of us are aware of the hashtags that are the descriptive keywords to help the video reach the right audience.

For video optimization, you should use standard tags. It means they should also be used generally for any video you upload such as sports, video games, food, etc.

The core of the matter is that you should use the tags that match with the user’s intent, so it is better to use different keywords that viewers might search.

The best idea?

Download the Chrome Extension VidlQ or TubeBuddy so you will be able to find the tags that your competitors are uploading for the optimization of their videos.

Do not know where to find them?

Open any video and the tags will appear just below it.

While doing video optimization, do not forget to add quotation marks to separate your main keywords from the rest of the words or phrases. For example, “How to make an airplane” in 5 minutes.

And use these crucial quoted keywords in the tags as well.

Well, to make it easier, YouTube has introduced the option of hashtags as well in 2018. When you click on the YouTube hashtags, you can easily go through all the videos with the same hashtags.

But here is what most people do a mistake,

They saturate their description section with hashtags. Avoid it!

4. Target The Low Competition Category & Add The Location

Finding the right video category is not that easy.

But the solution is right here,

Make the list of your favorite categories and choose the one with the comparatively low competition.


It will give more chances to your videos so they will be found easily by the right set of audience.

When you have selected the category, add the location to your channel so it will rank in that particular area.

To add the location, just click Advanced Settings and then input your location under the option of Video Location.

5. Add Captions To The Videos & Transcript To The Description

Now YouTube can recognize the content of the video and add closed captions automatically. But you can also add captions in the Edit Video Interface using the Translator Toolkit.

If you want to add entirely new captions for the video, type all the text and upload it through the “Subtitles and CC” tab, it will automatically sync to your content.

6. Create A Custom Video Thumbnail

An eye-catchy thumbnail will enhance the viewership. However, you can also choose the best default option for thumbnail.

The best part is that you can always go back and update your thumbnail. So even if your thumbnail does not suit at first, try again.

  • A thumbnail gives a consistent look and branding, thus enhancing professionalism.
  • It accurately defines and represents the video content.

Want to know the pro tip?

Use the bright thumbnail with high-contrast because a well-framed thumbnail forms a good composition and gives a unique identity to your brand.

Note: Also consider bringing traffic to your channel through the email list, posts on social media, and sometimes paid traffic to give a bit of boost and attract the viewers.

Utilize These Ways & Enjoy Mass Followership

You need just a few clicks to implement all the tips, so try these ways to make your channel more optimized and engaging for the viewers. Keeping your content realistic, energetic, and vibrant is the key.