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How To Keep Viewers Watching Your Videos & Keep Coming Back For More?

How To Keep Viewers Watching Your Videos & Keep Coming Back For More?

When it comes to ranking your videos and monetizing your channel, you must think of some “Big Finale”, so your viewers will stick around till the end.

Compelling content can not only enhance the overall engagement of the viewership but also maintain the element of interest.

Here the question arises:

What should I do to create engaging content so the viewers will keep coming back for more?

Here is the article that will give you some in-depth knowledge on keeping the viewers engaged and convert them into returning ones as well. Let’s get started.

1. Use FREE music, edit it and Improve the Overall Quality

Whatever your niche is, you must maintain a basic level of quality. Bear in mind that it does not only mean the quality of content but also the quality of the video ( at least 720p).

Moreover, you should seriously give some time to lighting management, clear audio, and a variety of camera angles.

Well, what should you do to achieve all the above goals?

Invest in the camera and premium video editing software such as Adobe Premiere.

Want to know the pro tip?

You can find royalty-free music at the YouTube Audio Library and enjoy outstanding sound effects for FREE.

But we are not through yet!

You can also find free music on some other websites.

Download your favorite music and enjoy quality audio.

2. Make a Mix Of Screen Capture & Someone On-screen

While making videos, many people hesitate to face the camera, and this is what we call them“camera shy”. So initially if you need some time to boost up your confidence level, you can start by finding the cheeriest person in your office.

Do not have anyone who wants to be the face of your camera?

Here is the kicker for you.

YouTube Search Stories Option will help you to show off the best online properties.

Moreover, you can use screen capturing software such as Camtasia (expensive, but high quality) and Screenr (Free but lack editing options). So if you want a mix of screen capturing and on-the-camera recording, you should choose what resonates with your audience.

3. Keep Your Tone Consistent & Natural

Youtube is not a radio channel, so you do not need to be too formal. Any kind of robotic speech, announcer voice, or blatantly read script will not leave a good impression on your audience.

Rather, be real and keep your tone conversational. So treat the audience as if you are talking with your friends.

4. Make The Start Catchy & Hook The Viewers

The most crucial introductory portion of YouTube should consist of only a few seconds. This small part should be effective enough to hook the viewers till the end.

Let’s understand it with examples.

  • You may have seen the final result in the first 20 seconds in various “how-to” videos such as cooking videos and other problem-solving videos
  • A mysterious or ambiguous line can also be added so the viewer will want to know more and unveil the curtain, such as “what is the link between potato and sales conversion skill?”

Whatever your introduction is, it must relate to the title of the video. After all, the viewer clicks the video due to the title.

A Quick Tip: Use the story option of YouTube and entice the viewers. They will stick around to know how it unfolds. It will also help you to reveal complicated ideas readily.

5. Keep the “Right” Length Of The YouTube Video

Well, this confuses many YouTubers;

“How long should my youtube videos be?”

The answer is without going through the irrelevant details and unnecessary paddling when you convey all the message, it is the right time to close the video.

Making a long video full of boring things will not engage the audience and they will leave it within a second.

So, along with using the appropriate title, catchy thumbnails, you should also focus on keeping the content as relevant as possible.

Let me give you the reason:

When you browse YouTube, for the solution to your problem, you will click on the 3-minute long video instead of 20 minutes long video.

So when two different Videos address the solution to the same problem, we always prefer the shorter clips.

Obviously, people love to watch short videos especially when they want informative content.

To deliver your information quickly until people give up on your video.

6. Implement Call to Action (CTAs) At Various Points In Your Video

There are countless ways in which you can include calls to action in your videos.

Let’s discuss them in points,

  • Add links to your videos in the description links
  • Reply to comments and ask the people to subscribe for more content
  • Make the use of mobile-friendly End Screen Option, so people will see the onscreen links of your next videos. It is particularly important when you are working on the series.
  • Use 5-20 seconds of your video in asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel, turn the notification on, visit your collaborator’s channels, etc.

To set up end screen options, go to the End Screen  & Annotations option in the Video Manager, and build your favorite templates.

You can insert end-screen cards on a per video basis. To go to the End Screen, visit Creator Studio> Analytics> End Screen, and import into every new video. Click on the Import Option and choose the video from which you want to import End Screen.

7. Experiment With YouTube Cards

Cards can redirect viewers to other playlists, websites, and other videos. There are currently six types of cards available:

  • Merchandise
  • Fund Raising
  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Associated Website
  • Fan Funding

The interesting part?

You can use five cards at a time.

All you need to click on the Video Editor and choose the Cards option.

You may ask:

How does YouTube card work?

A small teaser will appear for a few seconds and a viewer will see a link for that time.

But listen,

You should use a customized image cropped in the form of a square. Keep the title up to 50 characters and CTAs should cover 25 characters only.

The good news?

These associated website cards enable you to add a non-YouTube URL.

Here are some more helpful guidelines to create associated website annotations:

  • Verify ownership of your YouTube channel
  • Associate your website with your channel: Visit Google Webmaster tools
  • You will need to add some specific code to integrate your website. So go back to the YouTube Video Manager Page and your website URL next to the Associated Website Option.
  • You are done, but make sure to add the full URL of the website.

8. Add A Logo & Branding Mark To All Of Your Videos

In the Channel Settings within the Creator Studio, you will find the Branding option, where you can embed your logo. So it will appear throughout your channel.

The best part?

When unsubscribed viewers will click it, they will get subscribed immediately. So an effective logo or watermark such as “Free Social Media Tutorial” or anything that sits on the corner, serves as a strong Call to Action.

Determine Your YouTube Success By Client Retention

Your YouTube success starts when viewers find a genuine interest in your content and cannot tune out till the end.

It is OK if you lose only a few viewers, but to maintain the mass audience, try these golden tricks to bring new viewers and retain the existing ones.