How To Increase Views On YouTube [6 Proven Tips To Grow Views]

YouTube success starts when you experience a lot of organic views and increased engagement levels.

It is the dream of every YouTuber to see their videos going viral on youtube. However, not everyone can succeed in this art.

Well, here are a few tips and tricks that famous YouTubers follow to increase their views and overall watch time. You can also notice on your own what other popular YouTubers are doing to bring organic views.

Let’s dive deep and see how you can Increase Views On YouTube.Let’s get started

1.Lure The People By Creating The PlaylistsHow To Increase Views On YouTube [6 Proven Tips To Grow Views]

The playlist can help people to watch a lot of videos in one session. It will not only enhance the engagement levels but also help the people in experiencing the breadth of the content.

When you build playlists, make sure to feature your most viewed videos as “Best of …” so the clients will be able to watch the trending content in the series.

Let’s have a look at some more tips.

  • Sometimes the playlist requires context. At this time, you can enhance the views by adding a short and snappy intro video. Make sure to place it at the beginning of the playlist so the viewers will be able to access it easily.
  • Youtube provides the option to write the playlist notes that describe individual videos.
  • To direct viewers to the playlists, the most important step is to add call-to-actions, end cards, and links in the description box.
  • You can also feature the playlists on the channel page. It will help you to organize the videos based on date, genre, theme, or any other criteria.

2.Send A Bulletin To Your Subscribers To Grab Their Attention

How To Increase Views On YouTube [6 Proven Tips To Grow Views]

Youtube provides the option of sending text updates to all of your subscribers so they will get the latest updates about your new videos. It will not only include the published videos, but you can also tell about the videos you are currently working on.

To make your bulletin more interesting, you can remind your subscribers about some of the awesome videos that got the maximum admiration.

Here you might be wondering:

How do these bulletins will appear to your clients?

The answer is simple: When your subscribers see their recent activity pages on the homepages, they will find the bulletins of the subscribed channels.

Want to know how to post the bulletin?

  • Sign into your youtube channel and visit this URL
  • Here you will find the option “Share your thoughts”, which is the place where you will type whatever you want to share with the subscribers, and you are done!

3.Create A Blog Post That Relates To Your VideosHow To Increase Views On YouTube [6 Proven Tips To Grow Views]

Uploading the video on youtube is not enough, especially when you want to attract a large audience. You should also update your social media followers about your videos by writing a blog post. A blog post regarding the video will attract the audience fastly as they will go through the content of the video without even opening it.

But make sure to keep the blog posts concise, precise, and visual.

For example, if you make the video on a how-to topic or a step-by-step guide, write an effective blog post about it as well so the viewers will have the bonus of text sitting right in front of them along with the video.

4.Embed A Youtube Subscribe Widget On Your Blog Or WebsiteHow To Increase Views On YouTube [6 Proven Tips To Grow Views]

You may have seen a small widget on various blogs and websites that encourages you to visit the youtube channel of the particular blogger. It displays the youtube channel name, icon, subscriber count, and the exact number of the published videos.

The most important part?

Add the “Subscribe” button, otherwise, all your efforts can go in vain.

The best part is it will work as the permanent advertisement for your youtube channel.

If you want to know more about how to add the Subscribe widget and further instructions, visit this link.

5.Use The Power Of Social Media To increase Reachclose up photo of black Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Read the tips and tricks below to leverage social media to reach out to the mass audience. It is another most crucial way to gain some handsome views.

  • Design the Facebook thumbnail (a thumbnail that can be observed in the Facebook posts), and then post your video on Facebook.


  • Find out the relevant tags with the “Video” prefix, and tweets about your video on Twitter. Keep in mind that a shortened link does not provide enough information so they may skip without even knowing that they can reach out to visual content by clicking on the link. The solution is to mention the word “Video” before the shortened link, and then add the relevant tags at the end. Use these tips to post on Linkedin as well.


  • Pinterest can play a vital role in bringing a lot of viewers directly to your channel. When you pin your video to Pinterest, add the short title and a brief description as well. It will enhance the chances of your content to reach the right set of people.

6.Keep The Level Of Engagement High Even In Between The Uploads

Actively managing the comments by responding on time will give the commentators the confidence to interact with you.

You should make them realize that you value their words and opinion. In this way, your channel will get the engagement boost and ultimately rank well.

So make sure to answer every comment and give further replies too until the commentator gets your point well. The viewers will definitely value your interaction efforts.

If you have 30 comments on your particular video, and you reply and re-reply all of them, you can easily get 60+ comments on that video. So if your competitor has only 30 comments, you can take a deliberate edge and outrank others by managing comments effectively.

You can adjust the comment settings in the “Community tab” on your YouTube channel and learn to express yourself beyond video.

Not sure where to find the community tab?

Visit the Video Manager portion of your channel and engage with your fans more often.

Use These FREE Ways To Increase Views On YouTube

If you are determined to get more views, you can easily achieve your goals by following the above-mentioned tips. Happy YouTubing!