How To Do Paid Advertising On YouTube

Youtube has over 1 billion monthly users and it is worth experimenting with paid advertising on the site. The current model of YouTube is flexible enough to allow you to achieve video clicks for just a few pennies, depending upon the keyword and the audience.

The best part is the cost per acquisition is quite satisfactory. Moreover, the costs of youtube ads are quite cheap and you can run ads for as little as $10 per day.

Best of all?

You can access this user-friendly ad setup process efficiently.

Well, you may have heard the name of AdWords as well. So if you want to approach this process using advanced means, you can directly land on the main AdWords dashboard where you will find the option to launch a video campaign.

Simple Method To Do Thriving Paid Advertising On YouTube

Let’s dive deep and study paid advertising on YouTube in more detail.

1.    Choose One Of The Most Effective Video Ad TypesHow To Do Paid Advertising On YouTube

On youtube, there is a wide range of ad types available and you can opt for your favorite one depending upon your choice and affordability.

For example,

  • Traditional Banner Ads – Overlay the videos or positioned themselves around the site.
  • True View In-Stream Video Ads – Skippable ads that appear before, during, or after the videos.

And many others!

In-Stream video ads are the most effective and highly in-demand ad types that have the potential to directly bring the clicks to your youtube channel.

But keep in mind that you will not have to pay even a single penny if the viewer skips your ad without watching it for at least 30 seconds. So you will be only charged when the users will actively engage with your ad and spend some time watching it.

2.    Focus On Length & Content Strategy Of TrueView Video AdsHow To Do Paid Advertising On YouTube

Being the most important type of video ads, it is important to mention the TrueView video Ad Basics.


  • The length of the video ads should be neither too long nor too short. The best duration is to keep your ad anywhere between 30 to 60 seconds. The key idea is to keep the ad long enough to explain the compelling brand story but not too long that viewers get bored.


  • In the ads, feature the clips of your content, show them an engaging and exciting portion of your content, and tell the core purpose of your YouTube channel.


  • Guide the viewers on what practical initiative they should take after watching the ad, such as click on the subscribe button, add the channel link or check out the playlist, etc.


  • Let users think about taking the further step, so the last ten seconds of your ad should be reserved to wait for the users to click on CTAs. you can also give them a strong initiative by adding the static call-to-action at the end of the ad.


  • A compelling and convincing ad title is the heart of your ad. As it is visible to the audience even before the ad displays, so we can say that it is not genuinely part of the ad. The best use of this space is to add the call-to-action in a most compelling


  • Create a clear, well-defined, and enticing thumbnail that will create an effective first impression.

3.    Target The Right Audience For Your Ad

How To Do Paid Advertising On YouTube

You may have heard about the cost-per-view. It is the highest cost that you are willing to pay for someone who views your ad). You can also set the daily limits and enter the amount you like.

Obviously, the more exposure you get, the more you have to pay. But the fact is, your ad campaign can bear fruit only when it reaches the right set of audience. The good news is that you have the target audience option where you can opt for the right people.

Want to know how you can choose the right audience?

You can choose and identify where and to whom you want to show the ads. It is based on the age, location, interest, and gender of the people you want to target.

In nutshell, youtube gives you a vast ground where you can play around with your budget and targeting options.

Want to know the pro tip?

You can get massive viewership if you target the broad audience in the first three to five days by starting the paid campaign that starts with a “blast”. It aims to target a massive audience as soon as you upload the video.

It is one of the highly favored tactics of TrueView YouTube advertisers.

So we have discussed that you do not have to pay until someone clicks on the TrueView ad and waits for 30 seconds so it is the right strategy that works and keeps within your budget. It will not only surface your video in the ordinary searches but also help your content reach the right set of audience.

It will definitely give a boost to organic views.

You can get even more views by switching on the more targeted approach, by using remarketing to reach out to the past viewers, and by continuing to advertise according to your affordability.

4.    Track The Progress Of YouTube AdsHow To Do Paid Advertising On YouTube

You have an Adwords account and your ads are live. This is all you need to track the performance and reach of your ads.

Once you have connected the Adwords with your YouTube account, go to the AdWords for video option and enable the “Audience” columns. You can also find more metrics such as frequency, conversion, website clicks, etc.

The best part?

You can also check how much traffic you are getting through these paid ads. For this purpose, you can go to YouTube Analytics and see the sources of your channel’s viewership.

The results can be even more fruitful if you combine youtube paid advertising with all the social media promotions and paid to advertise.

Start The Paid Advertising & Get More Exposure

When you make the paid-advertising the regular part of your content marketing strategy, no one can stop you from expanding your reach. From here real youtube success begins.

Then what are you waiting for?

Promote your content to a wide potential audience and boost the organic views by paid advertising