4 Tips on Creating Great YouTube Videos

Being the world’s most popular online destination for video content, YouTube has many big and small competitors. One of the rising competitors of YouTube is Facebook, but YouTube is meeting the expectations of the people more efficiently, and in a variety of ways.

Creating great YouTube videos and giving the audience the content they desire will not only show your business off the world but also has many other countless benefits.

Thus, a perfect YouTube Marketing Strategy is something that every successful YouTube channel needs.

If you also want to make it a fantastic marketing tool for your business, here is the list of 4 tips that you should follow to reap the rewards with YouTube.

Read on to get your creative juices flowing.

1.    Decide Your YouTube Niche, Target Audience & Goals

youtubeWhether you want to create informational, educational, informative, or entertaining Youtube content, your first and foremost priority should be to focus on the audience’s needs and address them appropriately. Depending upon your choice, aptitude, and area of expertise, you can choose any of these three niches to make video content that will appeal best to your target audience.

  1. Educate the people: Any product demos, how-to videos, and other informational content that exactly resonates with the needs and demands of the people.
  2. Make entertaining content: People love to see videos that make them happy. Surprise the people or make them laugh, you will soon succeed on YouTube if you have quality content.
  3. Inspire the People: There are a lot of videos on YouTube that tell people how they can keep themselves motivated, and energetic. You can grab the attention of the people by narrating emotional and relatable stories.

In nutshell, the core thing is finding your niche, your audience, as well as the tone and purpose of the message you want to deliver.

Begin each video with an interesting hook, but do not forget to study the similar content that is already viral on YouTube and learn how you will engage the audience.

Simultaneously, build the social marketing strategy for your YouTube Videos as well to spread awareness and achieve your business goals.

In this way, people will reach out to your brand and come to know about its credibility. As a result, you will not only observe the boost in online and offline sales but also be successful in winning the loyalty of the people.

  2. Be Consistent With Uploads, Format & Tone


Do you know what it means to be consistent when it comes to YouTube? It is not just about how often and when to upload the content. Being regular is just one part of consistency.

If you are consistent, your audience will not only know the time of your next upload but also be well aware of why they should watch it.

To put it simply, consistency is the mixture of various important factors related to your videos.

  • When: The first thing is the consistency of upload, for example, sticking to your weekly schedule and uploading the video at a fixed time.
  • How: The next major element of consistency is the consistency of format. For instance, if you are uploading a series of videos on the same topic, follow a similar layout of the thumbnail. Moreover, you must have an overall consistent appearance of all of your videos.
  • What: You should always figure out what it is your audience is going to be getting. Maintenance of the tone, style, voice, and quality will not only enhance your productivity but also breed familiarity and trust within the audience.

If you want to ensure brand loyalty within no time, learn to maintain consistency first. Regularly post the videos at the fixed time, or schedule them by using the option available in the dropdown menu on the video upload page.

Pro tip?

Preplan the video scripts, records multiple videos in one session, and schedule them following the same format. Then, show this upload schedule to your YouTube channel banner.

   3. Make Your Video Series   Accessible To Everyone


Are you making one-off videos but still not getting much engagement from your audience? Well, you should make a planned series of videos or split up longer videos. It is particularly important when you are tying together a specific topic.

Thus, shorter chunks have the potential to enhance the engagement level over several days or weeks and allow you to enjoy some long-term healthy statistics.

The best part?

A series or mini-series powerfully promotes people to watch more, especially when you cross-reference the videos and add links in the description box. Youtube algorithm promotes the clusters of related content, showing suggested and related videos in the sidebar.

But listen,

You should make your videos quite clear and comprehensive for the first-time viewers as well. For example, for the first video of your series, do not forget to mention “Part 1” in the title and intro. Besides, add consistent video tags, encourage the viewers to subscribe, and design themed video thumbnails. You can also add a specific playlist to bring new viewers up to speed.

A Quick Tip: Make videos shareable as people quickly and efficiently learn from their trusted friends and family members. So, instead of waiting for your videos to do all the work, let your audience do a bit by sharing entertaining, informative, or humorous video content.

4.    Turn Your Viewers Into Subscribers

Having a loyal subscriber base is something that gives you the biggest edge over the other competitors. Returning subscribers not only watch all of your videos regularly but also share them with others. Let’s see how!

  • Subscribers spend more time on your channel as compared to the non-subscribers. As a result, you get recommended by the YouTube algorithm.
  • When someone subscribes to your channel and presses the bell icon, he/she immediately get notified as soon as you upload the video.
  • Subscribers are critical to your success as they have elected to see your videos in their feel, thus form the core of your channel’s community.

Here, you might want to know:

How to keep existing subscribers coming back for more?

Interact with them through comments, and shout-outs, value their questions, reward the fans, and appreciate their opinions.

It’s Time to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Now you have read these 4 tips on creating great YouTube videos, which of the following ideas do you want to implement?

Being consistent or making your video series accessible?

Either way, share your thoughts and drop them in the comment section below.