5 Easy Ways to Get Over 100 Subscribers on YouTube in a Week- Guaranteed- 2022

If you’re looking to get that initial boost of subscribers on YouTube or looking for ways to raise your current level of subscribers, you might want to consider using a proven, multi-pronged approach.


When it comes to digital marketing strategies, it is important to not just use one strategy at a time, but the right mix. This will gain that traction that will eventually convert over to subscribers. Once you get these 100 subscribers, you can continue using these methods to grow further. This takes advantage of the snowball effect.


As more subscribers join your channel, it will be easier for others to find your content and eventually subscribe themselves. Digital word of mouth works really well, but first, we need to get you on the digital map.


5 Easy Ways to Get over 100 Subscribers on YouTube in a week

1. Check what’s Trending- Use Google Trends to Check What Everyone is Onto


This is one of the best tools that are out there to show what people are actually looking for on Google search. It is a free service that will specifically tell you, without having to search for anything, what is trending on that day if you choose to. It’s also really great to show what is trending locally and for how long.


You can select a wide variety of topics to contrast and compare, and Google with help you know if it is a generic search term or a category (as can be seen below). By selecting something that is trending, you can create videos and content that are relatable to that trending topic. There is a difference between viral trends and consistent trends. But when looking for your initial 100 subscribers, either method works. This is because you’re looking to be at the forefront of what the internet is looking for.


Keep in mind this is your first step and the most important step. This tells you which direction you want to go and what content to make, that anybody is watching these days. Take the most time here to find the right trend and niche. Also, ensure that you can generate the right type of video content to succeed.



Be aware of all the tools available


Don’t be afraid to utilize other tools when looking at what’s trending. YouTube itself has a section on its main page showing what pop culture is trending. This gives you an easy view into what people are watching. Another way is to use services such as Tubebuddy, or vidIQ. They give you even more detailed information on what is trending. This can provide much more detailed information than what the YouTube trending section would show. Keep in mind these programs may have additional costs.

2. Add Cannel to Every Social Media Out There and engage


This means you need to connect your social media outlets before you launch that first video and start pushing to get subscribers. Ensure that your profiles are fully complete, and most of these sites will let you know. You want to build out Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok pages at the least to gain as much traction as possible early on. You need to also make sure that these are all intertwined with each other. This is because if someone checks out your Twitter they can go to your Facebook page, or directly watch your YouTube videos. This is spreading the net of finding potential subscribers as wide as possible. This will only increase your chances of getting that subscribe button hit!


Make sure to download all of these apps on your mobile phone. This way you are able to quickly engage your community as much as possible. The early hours and days of engagement are critical. You want to be perceived as being available 24 hours a day for anyone that might send you a tweet, message or comment. This active participation is a great way of building authenticity which is important in this arena.


Get your face out there as much as possible for more subscribers on YouTube


Another fantastic tactic is to immediately start signing up and joining other social media communities that are already out there. By showing your social media ‘face’ in these different groups and channels you can really take advantage. You will be able to piggyback off of existing subscribers, likes and followers, that could take a look on your YouTube page. In the process you can see what they like and voila, another subscriber in the bag.


One final way is to get a social media competition going. This is a great way to not only generate buzz, but you can actually grow subscribers quite quickly with this strategy. Make sure to be clear in how long the competition runs for, what the prizes are, and to have engaging ways to increase their chances. One such way can be they can win when they subscribe. Another chance when they refer friends and their friends subscribe, and a final chance when they like a video. This way, your new viewers will increase and stay that way as they wait for the next competition.


3. Invest Time into Youtube SEO for More Subscribers on Youtube


Yes, Youtube also utilizes SEO marketing strategies or Search Engine Optimization. After all, it is wholly owned by Google. Meaning the same SEO strategies you use on your site to ensure that you are ranking well on Google searches, apply to YouTube SEO as well. It can be a lot simpler and you might want to start by doing some keyword research. This is where you type in the first part of your search and see what the predictive search text gives you back. These results are from trending searches and so you can feel confident that by using the same types of wording in your YouTube Channel, tags and videos, that you will also show up on these types of searches.


You also want to select a good title for your video. The cleaner and simpler it is the better. Make sure to use common words, and nothing that could be considered not a word at all. In addition, you might want to consider changing the name of your video file before uploading it. If you change it to something related to your video, or the title itself, YouTube crawlers also consider the filename when it comes to SEO.


The last part is the text part of your videos and your channel. Utilize smart keywords and long-tail keywords (those are longer word clauses related to your topic). Combine this with appropriate and trending tags, and you have yourself a very powerful SEO strategy. Also utilize this text space as a call to action to subscribe, or to be redirected to another link if need be.


4. YouTube Video Ads


Once you have set up the other three areas above, you can consider doing an advertisement campaign on YouTube directly. It’s important that everything is set up properly. The right content, connections to other social media sites and your SEO up and running. Once you start with YouTube advertisements you will start to get a lot of traffic and this is where you will start really collecting those subscribers. By using YouTube’s built-in questionnaire, and topping up on advertisement credits you can really get ahead. You can easily target potential new subscribers by tagging the same trending categories that you discovered with Google Trends.


This means those that watch other YouTube channels, will get advertisements on those videos that will directly lead them to your page. This is due to the fact they are a similar category and trending topic. This is traffic that is already interested in similar videos and topics. So if they get to your page, and see what they like, they are more inclined to hit that subscribe button. In the process adding to your 7-day challenge of hitting that first 100.


There is an extensive YouTube creator academy that helps you set up everything on your channel. At the end of this, it showcases how to best utilize their advertisement platform to get those views and subscribers. Keep in mind that this option and the final option below will require you to budget for advertisement. So we always recommend a slow and iterative approach to advertisements.


5. Google Ads


Now it’s time to enter the huge arena of Biddable Media. Thankfully since YouTube and Google have many synchronizations, developing your Google Ads budget is the last strategy that you need to implement to get that first 100 subscribers. Here, you are doing a pure advertising tactic that has you focus on the keywords to take you to your YouTube channel. The keyword here are a mix of the content on your channel, as well as the trending keywords we discovered earlier on.


The best part is, that Google is actually showcasing YouTube results in its searches. Thus there is a preference for video-based results versus web pages. Go ahead, try it. Take something trending, and search for yourself. You’ll see YouTube Video results right on the first page.


Keep in mind that you pay per click as with all types of biddable media. Also, keep in mind that this is the last step on your journey to the first 100. You must ensure that everything is ready to be subscribed to and that all the channels are fully engaged. Otherwise, people will come to something, see there’s no activity and simply leave to the next video that YouTube or Google will ‘recommend’.


The Perfect Cocktail for More Subscribers on YouTube


Bear in mind, that you need to at least do all of these five strategies mentioned to get more subscribers on YouTube. Digital marketing is all about exposure in the digital world, and the YouTube arena can be highly competitive. By taking an approach that goes both within the world of Google, as well as a mix of developing authenticity through community building, you will be able to achieve these subscribers in no time.


It’s all about delivering that content that people want to watch, but know who is behind that content, so that they can feel the connection. The advertisement strategies are simply to help you get through the extensive noise that is currently out there. Giving you a chance to be seen, and sync with your target audience.

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