How to find the best keywords for your YouTube videos 2022

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your YouTube Videos 2022



Creating videos for your YouTube channel might be easy, but how to get those videos in front of your target audience is what YouTubers often find challenging.  Imagine you have created an amazing video about “Cardio workout for men”- video quality, audio quality, visuals, editing- everything is great. But the video either doesn’t appear in search results or appears in search results for “Dance practice for women”. Nobody will watch your video and your efforts will go to waste!



That’s where keyword research for YouTube videos becomes important. It helps you find keywords for your YouTube video that your target audience will be searching for and what’s popular at the moment.  This way you can optimize your videos around those keywords and may help them show up in top search results.



When you have the right keywords, it increases your chances of getting more views, likes, and comments on your videos and more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

So let’s see how to find the best keywords for your YouTube videos.



Step 1- Make a List of All Your Competitors


Before starting your keyword research, you first need to find your competitors and what they have posted.  That’s because your competitors can tell you a lot about what’s trending and what content creation strategies may work for you. And the simplest way to analyze your competition is by analyzing their video content.


For example, if you enjoy making cooking videos and want to see what others have put out there, then go to trending cooking related channels and filter out videos by most popular videos.  Also, pay attention to related or recommended videos when analyzing your competition as this might be something related to your niche.


Make a list of videos based on metrics such as views, likes, dislikes, and comments. You want to enlist videos/channels having the most views, subscribers, likes, and comments. We recommend using a chrome extension TubeBuddy as it gives you detailed insights on your competitor videos.



Tubebuddy insights


To make things easier and more organized, jot down all video links on an excel file. Then try to figure out what makes these videos special and popular and why others might want to watch/share these videos.  Check the style, language, and effects they use and see if you can simulate the same thing.


Step 2- Find Your Competitors’ Ranking Keywords


After enlisting competitors’ channels and videos, it’s time to check what keywords they are ranking for. Because no matter how good your video is, it will not rank or get on the top of search results if you haven’t optimized it with relevant keywords.


You can find the main keywords from those videos and then choose the best and relevant keywords for your videos (that your competitors are also ranking for).


There are a number of ways to do this :



(i) Use YouTube Search Suggest


When you type something in YouTube’s search bar, YouTube suggests certain keywords. This feature is called ‘Autocomplete’ which suggests popular keywords for you that people are already searching for. These may make great keyword ideas for your videos.


For example, if you want to make a video about Italian recipes and when you type “Italian recipes” into YouTube’s search bar, it will suggest you lots of keywords related to the typed term. These can be your potential keywords and even great video topic ideas.



YouTube search suggest 



(ii) TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer


Apart from showing competitors’ video metrics, TubeBuddy also has a Keyword Explorer features that shows tags of ranking videos. If you want to scale the YouTube Autocomplete process, TubeBuddy can be an amazing tool.


Follow these steps to find keywords with TubeBuddy:

  • Install TubeBuddy extension into your browser
  • Open TubeBuddy extension from your YouTube dashboard
  • Scroll down the menu and click on “Keyword Explorer”
  • The Keyword Explorer page will open. Type your main keyword there and click “Explore”
  • Results will show you the strength of the entered keyword and suggest other related keywords and most used tags. You can analyze these keywords/tags and enlist some based on their metrics.


Let’s suppose you search for the keyword “stop smoking”, TubeBuddy will show you keywords/tags being used by top-ranking videos for this keyword, i.e.,

This can help you find relevant keywords and tags to use in your channel description, video description and title.


TubeBuddy keywords explorer




(iii) is another amazing tool to find the best keywords for YouTube video.  This will help you generates hundreds of thousands of keyword variations along with their metrics i.e., search volume, trend, CPC, and competition.


To use this, head over to and enter your main keyword here. It will show you a bank of keyword ideas.


Step 3- Check Popularity with Google Trends


It often happens that keywords you’ve enlisted have higher search volume or have videos with lots of views and likes but that doesn’t mean they will be higher in ranking as well. It’s better to check their average trend over time and Google Trends “YouTube Search” option is a brilliant tool for this.  It allows you to see trends of your listed keywords or compare the potential keywords you have listed so you can see which ones are most trending.


For instead, if you search “Pasta recipe” on Google Trends Youtube Search, it will show trends of past 12 months like this:




Google trends 12 months trend



Or you can use its “Compare” feature to compare trends for multiple keywords.




Google trends compare trends for multiple keywords



An upward trend on the graph means that the keyword is popular and its interest among people has been increasing over time.  You can search worldwide trends,  for a specific region or for a specific time range. Google Trends also shows you related queries that may make another brilliant set of keyword ideas.



Step  4- Create Videos for Listed Keywords



Now that you have enlisted your keyword and checked their trend, it’s time to create videos for those keywords.  For instance, you have a list of keywords for your cooking channel, and it has the keywords ‘pasta recipe’ and ‘white sauce pasta’.  You can create a video about the white sauce pasta recipe.

While creating videos, take inspiration from your competitors and see how you can implement their strategy into your videos or how you can produce something better than them.


Create videos for listed keywords




Step 5- Optimize the Video with Your Keywords


combining multiple keywords



Creating a video alone around your keyword/s is not enough. You also want to use keywords in the video’s title, description, caption, tags, and all possible places. It’s recommended to combine multiple keywords in one video as it increases the chances of the video’s exposure to more people.


For instance, for your video about the white sauce paste recipe, the title can be something like “Perfect White Sauce Pasta Recipe| Original Italian Recipe.” You see this title combines three keywords; white sauce pasta, pasta recipe, Italian recipe.



Read: How to Title YouTube Videos 



Don’t Feel like Doing it Yourself? Hire an Expert


If you are not an expert and feel like you need help with keyword research or video editing/optimization, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. You can hire someone from freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to help you find keywords, edit videos, and do SEO for your YouTube channel.


So that’s all for today! Hope it helps you along your journey in finding keywords and creating videos for your YouTube channel.

Have any queries? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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