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15 Top Amazing Video Websites to List Your Videos

Publishing your videos on video websites sounds like a good plan when you want to reach your viewers. As it is said that a picture says a thousand words, imagine how many words a whole video depicts. Isn’t it amazing?

Thus, it can be said that using videos is not child’s play. The benefit it gives is unavoidable. But how can you benefit more from videos? Is there a way that your video becomes more effective?

You post your video on a website hoping for fame and popularity, but it doesn’t reach many people. Now what? Of course, you won’t stop the effort. What you’ll do is find the means to make it all happen. You’ll find ways to make your video popular and fulfill the need that prompted you to make the video in the first place.

No matter what it may be, that reason can be completed if you post your videos on multiple websites instead of one. Why risk using one platform? Why not benefit from all of them? After all, they are made especially for you to use.

Benefits of Using Different Platforms

video websitesIt would be a lot better to post your videos on multiple sites, as you have now known. You might still be curious about the ultimate results. To ease your curiosity and put your mind at ease, here are a few benefits that will help you see the listing on different sites in a new light:

Better Reach

Why do brands post on social media? Well, it is obvious. They want followers and an audience. Why do celebrities post on Instagram? It is because they want more fans. Likewise, different social media platforms provide more reach.

Improved Marketing

If you are looking for buyers who might be interested in your brand, using multiple platforms to showcase your products is a good deal.

User Interaction

The more the user engagement, the nearer you are to your goal. User interaction and engagement boost your publicity on a whole new level.


Each platform is made with a specific layout and provides a specific look. By using different platforms, you can achieve diversity, just like your audience from diverse groups.


Without a doubt, each website has something different to give and a unique feature to provide. If one website lacks something, the other has it. Thus you can attain full flexibility with different websites.

Reach Different Interest Levels

Apparently, each website is used by a different group of people. Older people often use Facebook, and on the other hand, young people use Instagram. You can reach different interest levels through different websites. It is just as easy as it sounds.

Better SEO

Why do you use keywords in a blog? It is to reach a higher level of ranking on Google. It’s the same for videos too. You can get more ranking if you are available everywhere.

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Top 15 Video Websites For You To Choose

Now that you have made your mind that the best way is posting on different websites, here are the top 15 video websites that will surely help you. So why the longing wait?

1. YouTube

Although it may be mainstream, it is still the number one leading video website you will find. No matter what the genre or purpose, YouTube has it all and never fails to amuse. Plus, you can avoid everything you want, but you can’t avoid this. It ranks as the second most engaged website on the web.


This Chinese website has everything you are looking for. Although there are other sites in China, this one gains the attention of every individual. Posting your video here will definitely not make your regret it.

3. Facebook

Who hasn’t heard of Facebook? It’s the essential element of social media in the 21st century, and no one can go without using it. This website which ranks number 6 on the basis of engagement, has everything you need. Just post your video here and let it do its magic.

4.  Instagram

Instagram is the talk of the town and the topic of the year. From hashtags to pictures, Instagram plays a vital role in publicity, and people use this as the initiative to fame and publicity.

5. Twitter

Who hasn’t heard of Twitter? All those trends, challenges, chains, resolutions, campaigns, and everything that ignites change starts from Twitter. You want your video to change the world? Just go to Twitter, and there you go.

6. Tiktok

No matter how much you ridicule this website, it will not fail to amuse you. Tiktok has been the center of attention for a really long time. And in these years, TikTok has become the YouTube of today. Get it?


This Chinese website, which was published in 2010, has been roaming people’s hearts with a wide variety of stuff it has to offer. IQIYI has 500 million active users. And that’s not a small amount!

8. Vimeo

The best part about Vimeo is that it doesn’t charge to put ads on the videos. The benefit? You can promote your website without much hustle. What more does one want?

9. Behance

Behance is the best option if you want to showcase your talent or industry. Do you want the best website to promote you? Try Behance! And wait for it to act in your favor.

10. Dailymotion

When Youtube fails to perform its functions, Dailymotion comes to save the day from boredom. Dailymotion has been around for years, and it never loses its game. With continuous users, it still proves to be great.

11. Wistia

Want to improve and advertise your company? Don’t know what to opt for? Try Wistia! It is specifically made for marketing, and you can find like-minded people here. A company’s dream comes true.

12. IGTV

Sure, Instagram has a lot of followers and users that never leave the side of the site. But IGTV has a separate fanbase. These can be termed the same as Instagram videos, but this is just like a personalized radio.

13. Huoshan

Unlike other websites, Huoshan has categorized its users ranging from a separate age group to a separate age group. You must be wondering why. Well, it is to reach a targeted range of people. This helps in managing and reaching the desired people.

14. YouKu

If you are a streamer and fondly watch videos, you must be aware that Chinese videos are not easily available on Youtube. But, this issue has been resolved with Youku being the place only for this purpose. Want to target Chinese people? Try Youku.

15. Tencent

Last but definitely not least, Tencent. One of the main reasons this app ranks 10th in the most used websites is that people have to download it to access WeChat. Imagine how much engagement you can achieve just by opting for this. Plus, people love it for its interface and easy usage.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have acquired every single detail about multiple listing website, what else is left? Don’t be anxious.

What’s left is for you to take action. Who’s stopping you? Avail of the benefits from each and every website. Post videos and enjoy them. You will surely get the results you dreamed of. Hope your confusion is cleared. These are tried, tested, and proven. Take it from a professional, will you now?