9 Easy Ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

Instagram is all about photos, so why not create something astonishing and out of the world?! Use these 9 ways to take great Instagram photos that you wish you would know them earlier.

Keep reading on to become a pro-Instagram Photographer and adoring your feed with some top-notch aesthetics

9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos that will make your feed incredible

 By opting for the right choices and following the steps utterly, you can make your Instagram post extraordinary. To do so, consider heeding the following tips.

Tip no1: Choose the best from the whole album

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

Take 200 pictures and choose two! This might sound odd but that would be best in creating a nice collection of photos to post on your feed. If you see other famous brands they also follow this formula. This technique will give a sophisticated and rich look to your profile

If you want to post more than 1 photo at a time, you can always use an Instagram photo-slideshow feature that is posting more than 2 photos in a single post. This way your all required pictures will be posted without upsetting the page look.


Tip no 2:  Prefer Square sized photos

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

Since forever, Instagram photo size was a square like old-times-polaroid which by the way give a neat look. But for the ease of users, in August 2014, Instagram updated itself and allowed users to post pictures as portraits and landscapes. But it will appear as a square in the profile overview.  So before taking photos adjust your frame properly so that when cropped, it will not disrupt the photo or cut your head above!


Tip no3: Make the most of the rule of thirds

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

As we know, Instagram shows photos in the reels of three, which means three posts in a row. So to create a more aesthetic look of your profile you can cut your photos into three parts whether vertical or horizontal. Not only this, you can play with this feature as per your wish. you can make grids of 2,3,4,6,9,12 and so on. So it’s really up to you, how you avail this great trick of photosets.


Tip no 4: Want Great Instagram Photos? Try symmetricity

As we have talked about the orientation of Instagram posts, It is advised to stay in lines that means be symmetric. So that when Instagram crops your photo, it would not like forcefully cropped and you will be seen clearly without any confusion.


Tip no 5: Give angles and lines a whirl

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

Different angles shoot gives a perfect effect to your photos. Try aerials views or low angle photos. Try different poses with different angles to make your pictures more appealing and intriguing. Make portraits or a stretched photo. These angles will give a thrilling look of your profile that people are going to love for sure.

Choose striking backgrounds. You can always opt for nature. Playing with scenery, trees, flowers, etc. gives it a bright feel. This is one of the coolest and best ways to take great Instagram photos.


Tip no 6: Focus on details to achieve Great Instagram Photos


Make sure what you want people to focus on. As people will be looking at your post from a phone or tablet, so it will not highlight every aspect as much. So to draw the complete attention of people to the main thing you should zoom it a little more than others.

Use perspective.

For example, If an apparel brand wants to focus on a dress, they should keep it more visible than the background. Or if you want to showcase a photo of decoration sitting on a shelf, make sure the other things do not confuse your viewers. You can pop out the color of the object you want to focus on by blurring others or by giving them B&W color.


Tip no 7: Look around for inspiration to get Great Instagram Photos


Want some top-notch great Instagram photos? Well, look what other successful brands or your competitors are doing. Get inspiration from them. Choose their best work.

Instagram explore tab gives you the perfect opportunity to learn about trending ideas and engaging stuff. To be honest this is also one of the best ways to get the audience attracted towards your brand, as most people look for emerging trends in hashtags or explore tabs. You can always opt for the best ones and rank your brand up.

Tip no8: Make-up your photos with filters and edits

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

A little make-over doesn’t harm anybody, now does it?

Filters edits have literally changed the view of the world. They give warmth and an eye-catching look to your photos. Instagram has a wide range of filters you can use to make your photo more appealing. To allow users to set the pace of the filter themselves, they have fixed an intensity slider for every filter. You can give it vibrance or a natural look according to your choice and your niche

Instagram has now updated itself and also gives comprehensive tools for editing. You can use these tools to make your image phenomenal as it is one of the perfect, smartest ways to take great Instagram photos.

By using Instagram filters you can create a consistent look of your feed. Posting in a single filter will give a more realistic look of your feed. Moreover, you can always ask your followers what kind of themed content they would like to see. It will grow engagement as well as ease your choosing-the-right-filter pain. One more classical feature includes that You can use the gear icon at the end of the filter list to monitor your favorite filters.


Tip no 9: Take photos on other platforms

 9 ways to Take Great Instagram Photos

If you think that Instagram is not giving you enough filter choices, then you can go for some other applications or your phone’s camera to take photos.

If you don’t consider it handy in editing your photos too, then you can opt for other applications like VSCO, Cam, or Afterlight that might provide you with a greater range of filters and the formatting tool.  When you’re done with all steps, you can export your photo to upload it on Instagram. That’s how pro artists take great Instagram photos and so will you!


Photography in a nutshell


Now you have hands-on methods to take great Instagram photos with just a few tricks. Select a nice background, make your chief object focused, edit your post as per your need, put on some aesthetic filters, work on orientation, and voila! you are a pro artist in a snap of a finger!