8 Instagram Content Optimization Strategies

Quality matters more than quantity! And this rule applies to almost everything. Same as Instagram, a great number of bot followers, does not rank you in Instagram authentic brands. To achieve that position you can use these Content Optimization strategies and set your profile as per Instagram choice.

Not sure how to do it?

Check out these 8 Instagram content optimization strategies that will ease your life!

8 Instagram Content Optimization Strategies to Gain Authentic Followers

Strategy no 1: Instagram Content Optimizing with Multiple Posts   

8 Instagram Content Optimization Strategies to gain authentic followers

Did you ever want to post like a whole album of a particular event but feels a little odd to do so? Try Instagram swipe-able gallery feature! 

In February 2017,  Instagram allowed you to post 2 to 10 photos/videos in a single post. You can change order, add filters on each separately.

You can make a choice slideshow( for example which one is better logo option or outfit setting), post a step-by-step procedure, expand a panoramic shoot (as Instagram won’t allow you to post a much horizontal picture), storyboarding(sequential posts), product showcasing (for example variants of a single beauty product), or anything you would like. 

This content optimization strategy is perfect for both individual niches and business brands.

Strategy no 2: Make the Most of Your Post’s Caption

8 Instagram Content Optimization Strategies to gain authentic followers

“Words have consequences” 

The most important part of a post is its caption. Whether it is long-winded or laconic, It must be meaningful and relevant to your post especially when it comes to business brands.  

It gives you the best opportunity to avail a strong call to action strategy. You can make it interactive by asking some kind of question. It can contain elements of fun to make it interesting.

If you want to send people to a specific platform, you can type the URL in your caption (It will be unclickable) or you can simply paste the URL in your bio and ask people to click the link there.

The Caption can be edited anytime.

Use of Hashtags in the Instagram Post Caption

Regardless of what people say, Hashtags are a crucial part of your caption. It increases your reach by customizing your content. It avails in the process of your content locating and optimization eventually lasts a great impression of your brand. 

Instagram limits your hashtag use number to 30 which is more than enough if you use them according to your content.

Strategy no 3: Geotag your Instagram Posts

Our main purpose of optimizing our Instagram timeline is to draw more audience towards our brand. Geotagging is the best feature to do so, as you are essentially pining your location to that photo, so now whenever someone clicks on that very geotag, your post will be shown to them.

If you have your brand in a physical location, you can always tag it in your posts plus you can also use location tag in stories. 

Location Hashtags are the best one’s. For instance, you can use #bussinessinlondon in your post, your post will appear in that very hashtag and will be accessible to anyone who visits that very hashtag.

Lastly, you can use location hashtags to locate Instagram Influencers in your locality which is another way to promote your brand. 

You can create your brand location hashtag and encourage people to use it in their posts.

This way you lure more traffic towards your business

Strategy no 4: Repost Other Users’ Photos 

New Customers always trust other people’s reviews more than big claims of salesmen.

 Reposting other’s posts is the perfect way to increase engagement thus increasing organic followers. 

You can post photos of customers( with their permission) using your services or products and eventually it will act as a trust builder with other users

You can also post other user’s posts to your story which can also be effective.

Strategy no 5: Schedule Posts to Optimize the Influence of Campaigns 


Scheduling posts is worthwhile when you are running a promotion contest or posting a thematic sequence of pictures. In this way, you can maximize the impact of the campaign and give a professional outlook to your potential customers.

You can use any third-party tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Latergramme that may assist you in scheduling Instagram posts for later  


Strategy no 6:  Content Optimization by Contest Strategy 

Instagram Contest Strategy is the best way to grow organic followers and gaining the trust of your Instagram family.

Hosting an Instagram contest is just like shooting fish in a barrel. All you need to do is announce a giveaway or Competition with the mentioned rules like “follow my page”, “tag three users or more”, “subscribe the channel”, or anything by which you can increase your audience.

You can fix a gift voucher or any product/service from your brand in return and showcase it aesthetically in your post to lure more people out of their bills.

You can monitor your contest by different hashtags, google alerts, or different apps like wishpond or woobox.

As follow-up actions, you can post pictures or videos of winners, their reviews, or teasers of upcoming contests. This is one of the best content optimization strategies  

Strategy no 7: Embed your Instagram Photos/Videos to Optimize your Content

Instagram allows you to embed your posts or videos to other web pages or articles by sharing them from your feed. This way, whoever reads that article or visits that website, will be able to visit your Instagram page through a clickable link. More clicks, more engagement!

Strategy no 8: Tracking and Analyzing- Best strategy to Optimize Content 

One of the handiest features of Instagram, Insights, and Activity Analysis. You can now monitor likes, comments, saves, shares follow-ups, and much more with this tool. 


You can easily keep a record of your every post and collect information like, which post is working the best and which is the least.

Not only Instagram itself, but many third-party applications, and tools like bitly , Iconosquare and collect. to can help you with this very matter.

Instagram Optimization in a nutshell 

Alright, now I have told you all secret Instagram content Optimization Strategies. All you have to do is to follow them up wisely and you can set the perfect profile with organic engagement and profitable potential customers.

Customize your Post, write a tempting caption, engage with your followers, and manage the insights afterward and boom, you’re good to go!