6 Great Instagram Story Tips to Grow Organic Audience

Ever wondered what’s the powerful feature of Instagram that made it the best platform for business growth as well as personal fun? Yes, the award goes to the “Instagram Stories” feature. Check out these Instagram Story Tips and make your stories on of a kind.

Instagram Story Feature allows you to share and discover, promote products or drive sales, build business awareness, Routine Slideshows and what not!

How to Make a Successful Instagram Story?

 While Creating an Instagram Story, the following points should always be on your mind

  • Make sure your story content is relevant to your niche
  • Try to make every story interactive by using the different tools mentioned below
  • Use hashtag and locations if possible

So now you know what you need to make your story captivating

Next, Let’s discuss these story features that will maximize Instagram timeline Engaging.

6 Instagram Story Tips Effective for Every Niche

Instagram has flooded with new story features within a few years that has entirely altered the way people use this feature for. Let’s give some of the Instagram Story Tips a peek!

Tip no 1: Stickers and Drawing tools

Stickers are Always fun, hands-down!

While discussing Instagram, It is a magic formula to convert your simple stories, interactive with a touch of aesthetics.

  • You can create Polls
  • Ask Questions or opinions of your dear followers
  • Try Multiple Time Formats
  • Put on a Temperature Sticker
  • Add music and much more.

Aside from fun stickers, location and hashtag sticker features will also help you increase your audience and Improve Brand Communication. You can always find Instagram Sticker Option with a smiley face on it.

Tip no 2:  Boomerang , Rewind and Superzoom Modes

Who does not like boomerangs here? Mini Videos looping back and forth, automatically transfiguring simple videos, interesting and Striking. Everyone has seen a glass plate breaking, once it hits the ground, But what if you want to capture the broken plate coming back to your hand? Try Instagram Rewind feature and make your ouch moments awe-inspiring

Instagram Superzoom Feature adds a dramatic touch to your videos as it automatically zooms in slowly your shot hence making it classically suspenseful and fun.

Tip no 3: Mention and Sharing Posts

Mentioning people in your stories is the perfect way to interact with others and increase your business or social circle. People can also share your mention in their stories.

Another Instagram Story feature is Sharing posts. You can share posts of your feed as well as of others in your stories. They are clickable and directly redirect you to that very post. So now even if someone misses your post in their feed, they can reach it by your story.


What’s the pro tip?

If you have a verified account or you have more than 10k followers, here is a super plus point for you. You can add a swipe up a link from any other platform that will directly pivot you to it

Tip no 4: Instagram Story Highlights

Ever wanted to keep your story for more than 24 hours but not on your feed? Well then, Story Highlights is a perfect way for it! You can now group up stories and feature them on your profile in a highlight slideshow.

Advantages of Story Highlights

This way you can elevate your business confidence by highlighting your important projects, client reviews, etc.

If you have a “swipe uplink” option available, every time people visit your story highlight, they can directly reach up to your destined post or platform.

You can set up a highlight cover as per your choice, so it will give a unique and aesthetic look to your profile

Instagram Story Archives

Want to keep a record of your Instagram stories? Turn on Story Archives Feature and your stories will save automatically. That is it!

Tip no 5: Creating Instagram Story Highlight in 5 Easy Steps

Story Highlights are undoubtedly an incredible feature of Instagram that helps you promote your niche.  Now let us walk you through the steps by which you can create the best Instagram highlights in a minute or so!

  • First, go to your profile page by tapping the icon at the right bottom corner of your Instagram page screen
  • Now tap the + button in the highlights section (below Bio Part and above posts Section)
  • Select all the stories from your archives you want in one highlight
  • Set up a name for your story highlights
  • Now choose a cover for it. ( It can be any of your selected stories or some other image from the gallery )

Now your story highlight is ready to rock! You can always edit your highlight any time you want. You can add as many highlights as you want or you can add new stories to previously created highlights.

Many Apps allow you to create your customized business highlight covers in which canva ranks the smartest.

 Tip no 6: Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live video is one of the coolest and advantageous features of Instagram. You can simply go live by clicking the live button from anywhere anytime.

How can live Video be useful for business purposes?

  • Almost all of your followers will be alerted when you start a live video, so it will attract a bigger audience.
  • You can also save your live video once it’s over and broadcast it later or on other platforms. The stats for Live video replayed will also be available.
  • You can have a Q & A session with your followers or shoot a BTS Video of a particular event.
  • You can share your live video with another person
  • There is also a pin-up comment option, So that you may mention the topic of your live video and people will know it, once they join your live video
  • You can also check the number of people who joined your live video and other details when your live video is ended

 Time to utilize Instagram Story Tips 

Voila! You are a pro-Instagram user, running the best Business online if you use these six great Instagram story tips wisely. Create versatile stories by fusion of these techniques, keep your content Interesting & authentic. Trust me, it will benefit you so much!