5 Amazing Video Content Strategies for Instagram

Video Content Strategies are much useful nowadays since most people prefer video content over images as the former gives a more real and authentic feel plus they are an interesting and powerful mode of storytelling.

So the question here is, how to create a compelling and engaging video that +benefit. To ease you here, we have compiled 5 video content Strategies for Instagram.

Keep on reading and in no time you will be able to make the ideal video for your Instagram profile.

5 Video Content Strategies for Instagram to make an engaging and captivating Video

Strategy no.1: Plan your Video Shoot 

5 Amazing Video Content Strategies for Instagram

Let’s start with the foremost step of creating content, in other words, shooting video. Instagram allows you to record a video up to 60 seconds, but due to the limiting of editing tools in Instagram, it is wise to document your video in advance or through some other source.

You can create any compelling video relating to your niche simply by using your phone’s camera and edit/filter it using different apps like iMovie, Vintagio, and 8mm Vintage Camera (iOS) and Magisto or Videocam Illusion  (Android)

Factors Affecting Video Shoot?

filming your video is the leading move in video content strategy and keeping it relative to your niche is crucial. If it’s a live video, choose a simple, attractive background. Keep lightings setting in your mind. Mind sound effects. Keep it clear and focused

Strategy no.2: Instagram “Cinema” Mode

5 Amazing Video Content Strategies for Instagram

Jerky camera work or shaky hands? Turn on the “Cinema” Mode and your problem is solved in a moment. Instagram has finally launched the perfect tool to stabilize your videos and give them a professional and exceptional look.

This feature gives Instagram a solid upper hand over many other applications, giving them a hard time thus ranking itself as one of the professional video content Strategies.

 Cinema mode- one of the coolest Video Content Strategies!

We have seen how great the Instagram Cinema mode feature is. So now, let’s talk about some tips to shoot a marvelous piece of video!

The first thing to note – try to keep your frame absolute best as you can not fix it while uploading.  Make sure you know the limits of Instagram Cinema Mode so that there will be no brightness and scene focus disturbance. It is advised to use a background with a better light arrangement.

Keep color contrasts in mind, so that your video will look more captivating and awesome! Don’t zoom in otherwise it may disturb focus or shadows. Keep the right angle in mind and shoot a perfect high-quality Video!

Strategy no.3: Choosing a Compelling Video Thumbnail


The first impression matters the most!

To draw user’s attention towards your video the next strategy will be choosing a compelling and tempting cover for it. You can select any shot available in your video.

Having an exquisite thumbnail appearing in your feed will make people watch your video. You can opt for the cover feature in edit mode after writing down the caption.

Another benefit of choosing the correct cover is to maintain a nice look of your feed and thus providing an overall picturesque view of your profile. Other than the nice look of Instagram feed, picking out an ideal thumbnail is allowing people to understand clearly what your video is about.

Why compelling Cover is an important video content strategy?:

 If you don’t choose the thumbnail by yourself then Instagram will automatically set the first frame of the video as the cover which will not be of solid features, giving a blurry view thus disturbing feed look.

Strategy no.4: Instagram Video editing and enhancement


Video shooting is done, the cover is also selected, now it’s time to give your film a little makeup to enhance its charm which is usually considered an essential video content strategy. Instagram itself provides many tools to enhance or treat your video but sometimes it doesn’t come up to the desired level.

For this, many other apps such as iMovie, Videohance(iOS), Vidtrim(Android) provide us different tools like brightness enhancement, rotating option, etc. Splitting video, or compiling multiple pictures in form of a video slideshow can be done through Flipagram and many more.

This strategy plays an important role in Video Content, so don’t miss it out!

Techniques used in video boosting

 While talking video enhancement let me tell you some of the tricks and hacks that are easy to use and are profitable.

You can use text to highlight the context of your video. A soothing or boosting music (as per your requirement) will intensify your video.

You can use multiple effects provided by most of the editing apps to give your video more of a dramatic feel. There are also rendering options where you can emphasize a certain point or fast forward darg scenes.

If you look it up from a business growth point of view, SEO should be kept in mind while setting up video titles and tags

If you haven’t succeeded in capturing high-quality video, you can still stabilize it by using multiple applications like Emulsio  and Video Stabilizer – Deshake 

Strategy no 5: Instagram’s Hyperlapse Application – one of the smartest video content strategies 

In August 2014, Instagram has launched the most exciting tool about which I’m gonna tell you about, is its Hyperlapse application that has performed astounding wonders in the field of videography. The cinematic mode of Instagram is also a classic feature of Hyperlapse. Motion Videos will also stabilize in it.

It can record video for up to 45 minutes at speed of 12x and is saved automatically in your gallery plus it can be shared directly to Instagram or Facebook.

When the video is fast-forwarded, it is compiled in 3 minutes only which is still more than the Instagram Video limit. So now it’s your choice whether you want to trim it up to 60 seconds or upload an IGTV video.

You can use Hyperlapse for the event coverage or capturing sunset and much more to create an interesting plus engaging video.


While stabilizing the video, hyper-lapse crop video edges, so try to keep your desired frame in the center to avoid any kind of disturbance. This app is only available for iOS devices.

Bringing Instagram Content Videography into play

 So, now you know, how to create the perfect Instagram video with these best 5 video content strategies. Make your video engaging and exceptional using top-notch filters and choose an appealing thumbnail for your video to attract much audience as it can.

Try for yourself and you will know!