3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Important ways to use hashtags is the first thing you need to learn about while starting up your brand from scratch. It is as important as posting content since there will be no use for your valuable content if it does not reach your potential audience

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about hashtags and their use, benefits, and whatever comes along!


3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

 Primarily, organic followers growth revolves around three tactics such as:

  1. Engagement by Post sharing
  2. Getting discovered by hashtag used in post
  3. By follow-back formula
  4. Paid promotions or Posts boosting

1st one usually works well when you have a good following or engagement on your page. The third one is a slow process as you are the one who has to like or follow first and it’s not always necessary that the next person follow you back. Paid promotions is an artificial way, so we will talk about this some other time.

Getting discovered by a hashtag is something we are going to talk about in detail.


Technique no1: Business Growth from Scratch 

3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

In Instagram, hashtag holds a prominent role in business brands as well as personal niches as compared to any other social media platform. Unlike other methods, Audience growth from hashtags is also the easiest and hassle-free as all you have to do is write it in your caption.

Alright, suppose your used hashtag is seen by someone, the question arises here –

What will make them follow you? Why would they follow someone with little followers and baby engagement?

Well, you have to do something about it. I have a few things for you,

Develop your niche

Choose a niche that suits your interests and requirements. Make sure you post a good quantity and quality of your content. Post content that will urge people to follow you, basically the content that will come up to the audience’s expectations and would give a better look of your feed

Make a list of relative hashtags

After knowing the advantages of hashtags, the other thing to have command on is using relative and powerful hashtags.

Ensure that hashtags you are using are relative and comprising keywords respective to your niche.

Make a list and rotate them in your every post thus dragging more traffic to your business profile.


This way of using hashtags is tried-and-true. Lookup for someone in your relative niche’s hashtag. Do them a little good like giving them a follow-up, liking or commenting on their post, and maybe in return they will do the same


 Technique no2: Engagement growth by Relative Hashtags

3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

When people search hashtags, that means they are looking for something specific. That gives us a hint that proper hashtags shall be used in context so that your post or name will appear at the top.

The best and easy way to learn powerful and important hashtags relative to your niche is to look up Instagram autogenerated suggestions when you type a specific hashtag. It also gives you know-how about trending hashtags with the number of posts within them.

Instagram gives you a maximum of 30 hashtags. So, mix a broad spectrum(up to 1 million posts) of hashtags along with your niche hashtags.

When you use popular hashtags in your post they might appear in the top section for a little but can be seen by a greater audience. The opposite is with niche hashtags, they appear in the top section for a much longer time but are seen by smaller viewers. To learn in detail about this strategy click here http://bit.ly/instagramhashtagstrategy.

Hashtags use in Instagram stories:

One other great thing about Instagram is they allow you to put them in your stories too. In this way, your particular story may appear in that very hashtag that will increase your story impressions when people engage in it. It is advised to put engaging stories with hashtags so that more users will engage in them.

Do not like hashtags crowding up your story but still want to use it? Well no worries, you can just merge your hashtag list by coloring them as the same as the background or hiding them beneath your post.

Hashtag limit:

According to a few, it is smart to use 5 to 11 hashtags in a post rather than the max limit that is 30. But not everyone is working on the same page, so you have to try for yourself, what suits your business most.


Pro Tip: To keep your caption simple, you can write your hashtags in the comment box. You can also put some dashes or full-stops in your caption vertically one line, this way only the upper part will be visible to users at a glance. They would only be able to see hashtags when they click the “see more” option.

This will not affect its ranking in the hashtag search.


Technique no3: Following hashtags to increase engagement

3 Important Ways to Use Hashtags on Instagram

 One of the interactive ways to use hashtags includes the hashtag-following formula, which is relative and base of your niche. Instagram awarded us with this feature in early 2018. This way you can look up your competitors and their work in your feed and if your post is compelling enough, it might intrigue others to open your profile and give you a follow.

For more engagement on your page, you can create your business hashtag and encourage people to follow it or use it in their posts and stories to get a shoutout or anything you like to give them in return. This way, your brand hashtag will already be there when you hit a successful point in business and this will create a good impression on potential customers and competitors.



Brand growth and the organic audience can be obtained by just using these 3 important ways of hashtags. Keep your hashtags list relative to your business, use them wisely. Keep engaging with users and brands that might be useful for you in the future. That is it, you are ready to rock!