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Welcome to mAMI’s minute!!

I’m Ami and on top of being a mommy of 2 I’m also a makeup artist and the host of #OWNshow on I’m a lover of all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle, especially pertaining to us mamas, working women and just busy females who still want to look and feel good while we do what we gotta do!

My main desire to start this channel is to provide tips, trick and advice on things that I wanted to know with and without children but in a concise manner. I love watching tutorials myself but want content condensed so I can actually sit and watch the entire video before I”m distracted by something (that something usually being one of my children!) I’m super excite to share all my tips and tricks on rocking pregnancy fashion (both during and can be tough!), eating well to get back into post-baby shape, and staying glam and confident while being a Mommy!

I welcome your feedback on my videos!

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