Welcome to ChannelSearch.com, where we seek to connect channel creators and viewers alike. Here on ChannelSearch, you can post your channels, browse and explore new videos and find new topics from all around the world. ChannelSearch is an international channel guide currently serving over 195 countries around the globe. Channel creators can easily list their YouTube, Vimeo, QQ, Facebook, Instagram or any channel directly on ChannelSearch.com, connecting creators with potential audiences.

ChannelSearch makes it EASY, FREE and EFFICIENT to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a new kid’s channel, a better news media, or a new comedy group, we have what you’re looking for.

The best part about ChannelSearch is that it’s Ads-Free. We hope to keep ChannelSearch free of advertisements for as long as we can. We do not collect or sell data, we are not affiliated with any of the channels on our site, and all listings get verified before they go up on our site.

We are a company who cares about connecting the world, connecting small channels as well as newbies, whether it be a new youtuber, a stay at home mom starting her first cooking channel, a father creating his new auto channel, a creative talented artist, a farmer, a novice chef, or a new blogger, we want you to stand out in the crowd in an easy to read, easy to navigate, simple website.

ChannelSearch is global, so whether you live in Singapore, Turkey, France, South Africa, or Antarctica, you can still use ChannelSearch to connect. We are working hard on getting everyone to know about ChannelSearch and our goal is to help connect the world and make it an easy experience for others to connect with each other

Our Mission

Our mission is to help bring the world together, help spread peace and harmony and make the world a better, easier and economical place to live and connect. So we hope you can spread the word and help other entrepreneurs, bloggers, youtubers, small businesses as well as viewers easily find and connect with each other in any country around the world and without any language barriers.

What about YouTube and Google?

We are aware that we have Google and YouTube for many of our searches, but there are countless of small and wonderful channels that have great videos but can’t afford to compete with large corporations on Google and YouTube. Even organic search results have been taken over by large companies, corporations and huge news sites that spend thousands of dollars for professional search engine optimization. We have small channels and new youtubers that don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to broadcast their new channel. Our task is to be able to have any small local business, new youtuber, or viewer to easily connect with each other from all over the world, all for FREE.

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